Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunscreen Regulations in India {Sunscreen}

Sunscreen Regulations in India
Oh, I know you are bored by my posts on sunscreen. But, yes, I am obsessed. Did you know applying sunscreen can even help you with the pores problem? Yes!!! So, next time check out a good sunscreen :) And, now, a little about Indian regulations on sunscreen.
In India, sunscreen is considered a cosmetic and there is no maximum SPF rating. India has different registration lead times for sunscreens depending on if the product is made locally (3 months), or for import (9 months). India requires the manufacturer to release the full product formulation, including the quantitative formula with declaration and disclosure of functions of ingredients. All label text must be disclosed during the registration process along with the product specs, manufacturing process, chemical and microbiological testing methods and any data supporting product claims. India requires the manufacture to run a minimum of 2 pilot batches before registering a sunscreen. India requires specific stability testing requirements to show shelf life of the sunscreen. Testing may be done using accelerated methods of exposure to extreme heat. However, any data that is accelerated also needs to be confirmed by real time testing, so the process takes longer than the 3 or 9 months since the real time data (for up to a 3 year shelf life) needs to be available to register. (Source)
I have always wanted to know how sunscreens are regulated in India. This bit of information has definitely calmed down some of my apprehensions in the sunscreen products. But, of course, there should be a maximum spf rating otherwise who knows, tomorrow, products will come with sfp 150. Just Imagine!!! (just like Bebo says in Jab We Met).

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