Friday, May 11, 2012

Some more things about me!!!

Thanks, Ray and Rashmi :) And, check out my answers. Hope you don't get bored.

11 random stuff about me:
  1. I like to live every moment of my life and lately, I have been missing out on that. 
  2. I talked to four of my friends tonight :D All of them older ones, long lost types but we have been in constant touch. So, now you know why the post is late :D
  3. I have a til on my right eye. Any one knows the significance???
  4. I love my name, too much actually.  Shweta and Swati are confusing names, apparently and many times people call me Shweta and they are on my hit list!!!
  5. I love slings more than anything. 
  6. I want a hermes scarf, no matter what their cost. 
  7. I don't grow my nails but they always grow in shape, luckily :)
  8. I have not regretted anything in my life till date - bad and good. 
  9. This is somewhat personal but the state of being married makes me apprehensive to the core.
  10. I love Agatha Christie. She has taught me some of the very important things in life. Or, rather her books before you get the idea that I am visited by her ghost :D
  11. Some one said that my writing was self-deprecating and witty. Any thoughts or comments??
Ray's Questions
1. Idea behind the name of the blog?

Well, actually, I wanted to name my blog with the niche words and somehow this struck up. I don't even remember my thinking process now!!!

2. Meaning of my name.

Swati means the first drop of water which falls on the ground, the most awaited one. Or, the dew drop. Or, its a lotus. 

3. Why I started the blog?

Boredom, need for something different and love for my hair and a will to share my new-found knowledge. 

4. Fashion Idol.

I totally, absolutely adore Angeline Jolie. She is "the perfect" for me :D

5. What's my first cosmetic?

Well, I am confused between cosmetic and beauty product. I think it means makeup so guess it was a Lakme compact.

6. Who got that?

My mum. 

7. My Staple product I have been using till date.

Roghan Badam Shirin :)

8. Favorite Sunscreen.

Marie Veronique Organics Moisturising Face Screen

9. Do you consult a dermatologist / dentist regularly?

Err...nope!!! No dermatologist is reliable and dentists are way too busy :D

10. Favorite cosmetic brand.

Ooops..can't think. Thinking...thinking...yeah, I remember, its Nivea and not a cosmetic but a beauty product. 

11. Mother's day gift for mom!!


Rashmi's Questions
1. What is one quality you adore and one you hate in your best friend and/or boyfriend?

I admire the struggles he has been through and still emerged pretty well. And, I hate that he doesn't take out time for living life!! All work and no play.
2. One movie and one song that was,is and will be your favourite always?

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and "Har ghadi" from Kal Ho Na Ho. Also, I love "Confession" from Josh Groban.
3. One product that is always in your vanity?

Baby Wipes.

4. Cheapest and costliest beauty product you own?

Cheapest is nivea lip balm right now. And, costliest is The Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Oil in my stash.

5. Topmost thing in your wishlist right now?

A DSLR or P&S from Canon.

6. Do you any phobias? Which is your biggest one?
Heights. Dead afraid of them!!!
7. One thing you think you are best at?

Being myself.

8. If given choice you could convert into any one person for one day, who'd that be? and why?

I would convert to the person I most admire and live their life and understand life from their perspective.

9. One rule you have broken?? :D

Many actually!!! Listen to what parents say.

10. One thing that is indispensable in your life??
As I said yesterday, specs!!!

Thanks a lot, guys!!! It was fun answering the questions!! They did make me think a lot as well :(

Update: There is this very very beautiful piece of post which I would want all of you to read once. Please!!! I am pretty sure you will like it :) Click here to read it. 

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