Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mini-giveaway!!

So, as promised, I had said a couple of days back that I shall be holding a mini-giveaway when the blog fb fans cross 500 so here is the giveaway. This is not a sponsored giveaway and to be frank, its not really a big one either. So, consider it a mini-giveaway and I am sorry if it doesn't come up to your expectations. And, now, over to the Rafflecopter form. If you are reading the post in your mail box, kindly login to the blog to enter the giveaway. 

Give the Rafflecopter form a few seconds to load. The first day is like a trial basis for the rafflecopter form to work properly so in case you have issues entering, please drop me a comment below and I shall revert back ASAP. And, thanks a lot guys for entering the giveaway. Your support is highly appreciated :)

Prize: Rs 500 voucher to any of your favorite shopping websites where netbanking is allowed :D 

Update: Please follow the Rules
1. You have to subscribe to the email updates. The subscription form is in the right sidebar. Please enter your email id and confirm the email id from the mai you get in your inbox. 
2. Leave a blog comment mentioning your favorite beauty tip.
3. Enter the answer for what you like and dislike about PSCfy.

All the entrants should fulfill all the above rules to qualify for the giveaway. If any of the rule is not adhered to, the person would be disqualified without further notice.

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