Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day, really???

Ok, not hurting any one's feelings, I really don't get the idea of having various days!!! And, remembering them is like too much. Though, we need not coz the whole world is literally drumming that fact into my head with all the ongoing offers and sales and etc. I feel like its Christmas all over again!!

So, it happens that I didn't ring up at home since morn and in the evening, when I did, my mom was like, "Some people have no gratitude and attitude :D". And, I was like, "Yeah, I know its Mother's day but honestly, you don't want me to wish you. Do you wish me on Children's day or Daughter's day???". And, then, my dad says, "Everyday is a daughter's day for us because we think about you non-stop". And, I was like "yeah, right!!!". 

My mom never showers any love on me (she isn't the hugging kinds) but she definitely expects the same from me :D Mommies can be mean. Anyway, did you do anything special for your mom today?

PS: I did frying for the first time in my life today and obviously, burnt my hand. Ouch!! The oil fell just near my knuckle :( Thankfully, I have Lavender EO so dropped two drops of it on my hand. Oh in case you are wndering, using EO nude on the skin??? Lavender is one of the safest EO's which can be used clean on the skin :)

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