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Instructions to oil your hair {Hair Care}

So, I did talk about the intensive hair growth treatment I am currently on. So, there is particular routine I am supposed to follow (which I'm miserably failing at!!) and that includes a particular way to oil the hair. I just wanted to share it but let me make a disclaimer first: I am not spilling out any beans or secrets. So, lets get on with it. The routine is just a revisit to our old traditions. There is particular way to massage your scalp and that's what the routine incorporates in some ways.

Silver Utensil for Oil
The girl asked me to use either a silver or an aluminium utensil for pouring out the oil before starting to apply it. This is because both of these metals are really beneficial for hair. Now, how much is either of the metal going to affect the hair when simply used as a container is out of my understanding.

Anyway, the girl takes a huge bowl of silver (just like the ones in the dinner sets) and fills it up to half with oil and that's the amount of oil I am supposed to use every time I oil my hair!!! No, I don't use that much coz 90% of the oil is drunk by my pillow and by my skin and clothes. And, of course, the oil is pretty expensive, as well.

Cotton Ball to apply Oil
So, moving on, the next instruction includes the use of a cotton ball instead of fingers to apply hair on the scalp. I guess its coz of the long nails, some might have, which can tear and snag at the hairs. So, using a cotton ball is gentler on the hair. Dip the ball in the oil and rub it on the scalp. Now, while applying the oil on the scalp, run the cotton ball on the hair length as well on the section of hair in your hand to apply oil to the hair strands from root to ends.

Remember to lift the hair to directly apply it on the scalp and results are best if done with small sections of hair. Yes, it does take a very long time. Also, when you are running the cotton ball along the hair strands, it is difficult when done on own and you can actually see the number of hairs falling which is very disheartening.

All the weak hair falls from the scalp when you move the cotton ball along the hair length. That's in a way good as it allows the old hairs to shed and new hairs to grow. And, those old hairs would have fallen in due course, anyway.  Now, a very huge con to this method is that a lot of oil gets soaked by the cotton ball as well so I dip only a corner of the ball instead of the entire ball and I finish up my scalp first and then proceed on to oiling the hair lengths.

Head Massage Techniques
After finishing with all the oiling, it is the time to massage your scalp. Scalp massage is the actual action which helps stimulate the hair follicles and helps in hair growth. So, this is the most important step and the more the time you devote doing this, the better the results would be. And, this also helps the oil to reach the hair follicles to nourish them. So, move the scalp instead of the hair whenever you do a massage.

Try to keep the nails short or engage someone with short nails. Otherwise, you can end up scratching your scalp. Try to massage from the ears and proceed to the center of the scalp and similarly from front and back to the center using both of your hands. Always use finger balls. Be a little quick with the movements. After covering the entire scalp, take small sections of the hair and pull them very gently. That helps in hair growth. Also, it gets rid of the weak hair. Cover all the hair this way.

After this is over, take the cotton ball and rub it in circular motion where ever you desire hair growth. Do that for like 3-5 minutes continuously. That helps stimulate the area. By now, your scalp should be feeling warm. Now, all this done, you can see that there is a lot of oil in the bowl left which is supposed to be literally poured on the head. Yes, this is one of the ayurvedic techniques for relaxation and stimulation. Actually, I did mention about this long back in one of my posts. It feels amazing.

So, that's all the hair routine I have been instructed to follow but of course, I don't do all that and I kinda developed my own oiling routine which I shall share with you soon :)

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