Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fun in SA with Kyra

Me (on phone) : Hey Kyra, great news!!! The trip is on. 
Kyra (replies back) : Great!!! Let's go shopping. Make a list of essentials and you know what tops the list, right??? Let's meet at 2.
Me : Seriously??? Not again!! It will be blazing hot. 
Kyra : Oh come on, its not as if you are afraid of getting sun-burnt, are you?? Don't forget the protection, obviously. 
Me : Yeah, but remember, no outdoors between 10 and 4??
Kyra : Yes, I know but are you gonna sit indoors in SA as well?? And, come on, its shopping for the trip!!

This was my conversation with my friend Kyra. We both are going off for a vacation this summer in the beautiful city of Johannesburg and are also covering Capetown. But, primarily we shall be spending our time at Suncity, the beautiful resort just two hours away from Johannesburg. The trip got confirmed yesterday when our parents said yes and passports and visa processing was started.So, now, we girls are gonna meet at 2 o' clock to shop for everything!!

Yes, Kyra loves sun and I don't. It gives me headaches. And, now, again I have to slap up a good amount of sunscreen to protect my skin. Gosh!! what life? So, talking about the shopping, we both are obsessed with something called 'sunscreen'. And, since this is South Africa we are talking about with its temperatures from 23 to 30 degrees, we definitely don't want to be sunburnt or miss out the fun on outdoor activities. So, miss anything or not, this is definitely gonna be there in our backpacks.

Me : Hey, so what all are we hoarding on?
Kyra : Not decided on the clothes but some scarfs and stoles and wide-brimmed hats and my favorite Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50...
Me : Not again!!

Lakme should seriously consider hiring Kyra as their brand ambassador, especially for their sun safe range. The way she goes on and on about their sunscreens is just too irritating. No, I don't use Lakme and never have till date, in fact. Oh no, we do have a lot of arguments on my and her choice of sunscreen and several times she has tried converting me to hers!! Well, don't think she has stopped trying coz that's not Kyra!!

Me (in the shop) : I am gonna wear jeans so I don't really need to get any thing. Lets look at some tees.
Kyra : Are you serious? What happened to the skirts and capris???
Me : Nah!! Then, I will have to apply the sunscreen on my legs too. Can't handle that much. 
Kyra : I know very well why you don't like it. You don't like the heavy feel, right? Use mine and you won't even feel like you have applied the sunscreen. Lakme is light and doesn't really feel like you have applied anything. 
Me : Can you please spare the lec, all time!! I don't wanna use it. 
Kyra : Fine! (and *winks*)

And, I know something is going about her brain. After we finish the shopping, I know the what the *wink* was for. She bought two sunscreens.

Me : Why you getting two sunscreens? You bought one just two weeks back!!
Kyra : Huh...yes. I am going on a vacation. What do you think, I might get finished with one half way through our vacation!! And what then? Use your yucky sunscreen?
Me : Really?? I very well think I might be forced into using yours!!
Kyra : Yeah, right!! As if you listen to me. 

But, I am pretty sure she is upto something. SA, save me from Kyra *pray*. 

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Image Courtesy: Lakme Facebook Page

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