Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flipflops from Oasap.com

Hey guys, I wanted to share what I got from Oasap.com recently. So, check out the snaps. Btw, a word about the website, I love the things they have. They have amazing bags, belts, footwear, scarfs, everything!! And, I am not even speaking about the clothes which are just simply gorgeous except some of the things which you can't wear easily in India :) 
Flipflops @ Perfect Skin Care for you
are they looking asymmetrical or are they looking good even with the missing bow?
Flipflops with a bow @ Perfect Skin Care for you
the bow for the other flipflop came off :(
The bow @ Perfect Skin Care for you

- worldwide shipping is free
- awesome stuff

- the bow on one of my flipflops came off!!! I would have liked it stitched instead of pasted with some quickfix or something.
- the flipflops are not exactly soft. I like soft footwear. 
- they are not flat even though they are mentioned under flats. They have an inch of heel, platform style. I like entirely flat footwear. 
What do you think?
PS: I was provided a coupon from the website.

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