Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eyebrow Waxing - anyone? {Your Opinion}

Today, me and my friend were talking about threading and eyebrows and as you might already be aware, I have never got my eyebrows done till date. The only reason is because I can't bear the pain. Waxing itself is too much for me but at least its over in a single-go. So, a long time back, I found out that in US and almost all other countries, eyebrows are waxed and not threaded. 

I tried to find out in Hyderabad but it seems that the parlour and salon people are pretty much clueless about it!!! They have no idea that eyebrows get waxed too. Instead, they looked at me as if I'm off my hinges :D Anyway, so I wanted to ask if you have had any experience with eyebrow waxing? Do you know of any place in Hyderabad where eyebrows are waxed? 

Of course, I do know that its a dangerous proposition so one has to go to experienced and reliable people. Imagine coming off with waxed eyebrows!!! **horror** But, my friend told me that its pretty much less painful than threading and gives a good shape to the eyebrows when compared to threading. And, yes, even upper lips are waxed. That's I guess available in all salons.

Would you like to get the eyebrows waxed?
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