Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disaster Strikes!!!

You know how you feel when one of the most indispensable parts of you fails??? Ok, not so serious that it goes into physical inability but its my specs. Imagine the horror I felt when I saw a crack in one of the lens!!! Its not a nice thing for a person who wears only specs, has a bad spare which gives headaches and feels like a tonne on the nose and lands you right back into the ancient ages!!! I feel like a grand mom wearing my spare.

Yeah, so, I had to run immediately to the near by specs store and hopefully, he would give back my specs by evening (post writing time - 5:45). So, that was the gloomy part of it but every cloud has a silver lining, right??? I get to buy a new frame, yay!!! Of course, when you are pinching and saving, your money goes down into some expense which is completely unavoidable. 

So, the summary of the story - get new specs, don't pinch and scrape, spend!!! And, sorry for no beauty post. I am not feeling inspired. Hopefully, should feel by tomorrow :D Btw, do you have something so indispensable in your life???

Update: I got my specs back in perfect form :D And, I got my first google adsense check. And, my blog's page views crossed 150,000 last month. And, I am just 6 to 500 fb fans!!! I know the stats aren't much to boast about but I am proud of them. So, I wanted to announce that a small giveaway is in the offing when fb fans turn 500. So, guys, like the page below if you haven't yet. And, let me warn you beforehand that it will be a very small giveaway. And, just noticed, this is my 751st post :)

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