Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another good deed today ;D

Ok, so not exactly a good deed but you know I caught Anamika long long back. Ok, I know I have lost you guys on this. It's just that the news is too ecstatic. So, let me be a little coherent. 

You know Anamika from Wiseshe, right?? I know she is pretty famous. So, here comes the big news - she is pregnant and currently in her eighth month :D And, I am soooooo happy for her. But, you must be wondering I am ecstatic? 

So, here comes something about me. I have amazing perceptive powers. But, I didn't know they would work online too :D I saw Ana's Karwachauth snap when she had put it up in facebook and she was glowing in that and looked little plumper and chubby!!! And, I had immediately thought she is pregnant. I so wanted to ask her but I thought that might not be good. Anyways, its a practice na that people don't really disclose such stuff in the first trimester. So, I thought if its a good news, she would have disclosed it. And, frankly, its a delicate topic. So, you see my perception works well enough in the virtual world too :D

I am very happy for her and wish her all the happiness on Earth :) And, did you read about my yesterday's good deed :D

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