Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Neutrogena Clean Conditioner {Product Review}

This was left out while I was reviewing the Neutrogena products I got from the hotel. I had loved the Deep Clean shampoo so I was pretty excited about the conditioner too. But I am not sure if it is available everywhere though I have seen some of its hair care ranges in some shops. 

My Experience
I would say this is an amazing conditioner. It looks thick but is extremely light-weight on the hair and doesn't weigh it down. It keeps the hair soft and hydrated and adds subtle shine too. And, the hair doesn't get weighed down even after two-three days (this happens with some conditioners). It doesn't also leave any residue on the hair. And, is a perfect shampoo-conditioner pack when combined with the Deep Clean Shampoo.

My Recommendation
Yes, definitely!!!

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Neutrogena Deep Clean Shampoo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Haul {Beauty Products}

Well, there was no haul post in October as I received a huge amount of products for reviews and also I had a lot in my stash which I had already shared with you all. So, I still have a lot to finish up. And, then, there was the package from So, I made my November haul a pretty small business full only of the essentials and of course, the haul does include a product from the wish list too. And, since I have been using these products since little long so reviews should be coming soon. So, check out the products :)
So, what do you think of the haul and any opinions about the products above??

Sigma Make Me Up Travel Edition Launched!!!

We are excited to introduce you to another new product! Sigma Beauty’s best selling Make Me Up Collection is now available in travel-size kits! The Sigma Beauty Make Me Up - Travel Edition was specially designed for a fun, yet practical makeup application. This kit contains seven travel-size brushes from our best-selling Essential Kit (E30 Pencil, E40 Tapered Blending, E55 Eye Shading, E65 Small Angle, F30 Large Powder, F40 Large angled Contour, and F60 Foundation).

The Make Me Up - Travel Edition features four colorful travel kits: Make Me Blush (coral), Make Me Crazy (purple), Make Me Classy (black) and Make Me Cool (aqua). The brushes come in the traditional Make Me Up container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish and organized on the go.  
Click on the image to buy your own kits. 

PS: The post contains affiliate links.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Brown Sugar Facial Scrub {DIY}

[Source: Google Images]
This is a slightly modified version of the Body Polish Recipe I had shared a while ago. 

  • 1 sachet  brown sugar
  • Oil to mix the sugar (preferably Apricot oil)
Mix the ingredients. Use enough oil to make a paste and not more. Use the mix to scrub your face and neck after cleansing thoroughly. Scrub till the sugar melts and this doesn't really take more than a minute but be gentle otherwise it can leave your skin feeling a little tender. After scrubbing, wash off the scrub and leave the oil as it is on the face. Do not wash it off. Follow with a little moisturizer. 

In place of apricot oil, almond oil is a great substitute. Both the oils get absorbed quickly into the skin and do not leave any greasiness behind. You can also include a drop or two of essential oils.
Brown sugar is more preferred to normal sugar as you all are aware. This is because of the lesser calorie count of the brown sugar due to the presence of molasses which increases the water content in the sugar. This is also a reason that this is a better scrub than white sugar because it is less abrasive and hydrates the skin.

So, the results are awesome!! Your face is glowing and the oil and moisturizer combination leaves your skin soft and really supple all day long. A great scrub for emergency occasions. And, an extra benefit is that your skin is taut and tightened.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My weekly hair routine {Hair Care}

[Source: Google Images]
I have been trying to take care of my hair since quite long and have been trying to keep a sustaining routine. This is what I do weekly.
  • Since my hair is curly and dry, I wash my hair only twice a week unless I go out somewhere in the dirt and pollution and specially in the day time or afternoon. Generally, I do not go out so my limit of shampooing twice weekly. Remember my article on how often should you shampoo hair?
My Weekday's Routine
  • On the weekdays, when I wash my hair, I oil my hair and try to give it a hot oil treatment. At the very least, I try to cover my hair with shower cap and cover with a scarf for extra heating.
  • If not so elaborately, I do heat the oil and then apply it on the scalp and generally massage my scalp for 15-20 minutes while watching something on the television. 
  • Then, I leave the oil overnight and wash my hair next day. 
  • I do try to massage my scalp every night but I am not so very regular with it.
  • And, I give my hair a trim once in every two months. I do it on my own generally to avoid spending so much of money!!! But, twice in a year, I do prefer to go to a salon for a good hair cut. That reminds me of my next hair cut :)
Washing and Conditioning
  • I use a dollop of shampoo and mix it with a fist full of water and dilute it.
  • I wet my hair thoroughly with water and then, apply the diluted shampoo to my scalp and massage the scalp for sometime.
  • Then, wash it off an follow with the shampoo second time if I have oiled my hair otherwise once is enough.
  • After washing my hair, I squeeze the extra water from the hair and then, I apply a good amount of conditioner on damp hair and keep it on for 3-5 minutes minimum.
  • After that, I wash my hair thoroughly, obviously, and remove all traces of the conditioner.
  • I generally air-dry my hair. I use the towel to squeeze out all the water from my hair and gently wrap it in the towel for sometime to catch all the dripping water. This is something I do in the winters where as in summers, I leave my hair as it is. 
  • I use a cotton towel instead of a turkey towel as the turkey towel is more fluffy and can cause the hair to dry out more than the cotton towel. And, I use a separate towel for my hair - the cotton ones which are extremely thin. 
  • Anyways, after that I run a drop or two of the hair serum through the damp hair and since my hair is curly, I prefer to detangle my hair when it is 80-90% dry instead of letting it dry completely. The dampness helps the hair to detangle easily as compared to completely dry hair.
My Weekend's Routine 
  • I do try to do a weekly deep conditioning treatment as my hair is dry, curly and thin and they get rough and dull very easily so I have to take care of them pretty regularly.  
  • In the summers, I prefer to use home remedies like eggs and curd and such things but in winters, I am using the hair masks. 
  • But, I do not apply the hair masks on the scalp so I use the aloevera gel for my scalp. And, I keep the conditioning treatment for an hour minimum and wash off my hair. 
So, this is my weekly hair care routine. Nothing elaborate but it helps keep my hair soft, shiny and manageable and routine hair cuts ensure no splits. 

Products I am currently using for hair:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Bad Diet and My Health {Health}

[Source: Google Images]
Ok, so I have to confess that I am not at the ideal blogger. I do not act on what I preach and since the past one year almost, my diet has been so bad that I can see the affects now so I thought I would share my experiences with you so that you would never make the mistakes I made or at least you will give it a second thought!!! 

My Lifestyle
First lets have a look at past one year of my life. What have I been eating for the past one year. Frankly, nothing!!! Yup, I have gone empty stomach countless times, literally lived on samosas and cups of tea and some pizzas. That has been my major chunk of the diet. 

And, I am stressed out and my sleep is either fragmented or disturbed.I have spent many sleepless nights and ignored my health entirely.

  • My weight is down by 6-7 kgs and is yo-yoing between 56 and 59 right now. Yes, I am looking really thin but dangerously frail. Trust me this is no way to reduce weight. Its not at all healthy.
  • I am weak, pale and constantly have fainting spells. You really don't want that. 
  • I have become forgetful and heavily so!!! My brain doesn't work as it used to and I have to really struggle with things sometimes. 
  • I do get twinges of pains at any point in my body and I have definitely suffered from muscles aches sometimes. 
  • Since I have been heavily stressed too, so my skin has lost its natural glow and hair is definitely showing a little degradation. 
  • The worst I have suffered is on the front of my "Immunity". It gone bad to worse and I have enjoyed the best immunity all my life!!! I have suffered from cold about 3-4 times in the past year and bad cold that too and one in July was so bad that I was suffering from dry cough and cold for a month.
And, these results are really very minimal as compared to my negligence towards my health. So,I would request everyone to take care of your diet and not to neglect your Health. It can be very dangerous also and definitely not comfortable to live with.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hair Growth Recipe {Tip of the Day}

  • Henna
  • Egg White
Mix both the ingredients and apply on the hair for half hour. Wash off with mild shampoo.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Conditioner for Dry Hair {DIY}

[Source: Google Images]
These recipes are from a magazine called 'Rupayan'.

Recipe 1
  • 4 table spoon honey
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 table spoon hair oil (your choice)
Recipe 2
  • 1/2 cup fresh yogurt
  • 2-4 table spoon hair oil (your choice)
  • 1 cup raw milk
Mix all the ingredients and apply for half hour. These are great recipes for deep conditioning treatments. Wash off with a mild shampoo and condition. These recipes are amazing for dry hair.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are you Cleansing properly? {Skin Care}

Steps to double cleanse [Source:]
I have stressed it before hand also that double cleansing should be a part of our daily routine whether one applies makeup or not. The dirt accumulated in the day and the number of products applied to the skin are enough to choke the skin so double cleansing will help get rid of all their residue. Now, while it is very easy to cleanse the nose and cheeks and forehead, it is very much possible to miss on crucial areas like ears, behind the ears, the hair line and under the chin. That might be one of the reasons you might be having breakouts on the areas. So, next time you cleanse your face, make sure you do not miss out on any of the crucial areas. And, always extend the cleansing process to the exposed part of your chest and include your entire neck (back or nape of the neck too which is generally left exposed and very less taken care of).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hair Color and How To {Hair Care}

[Source: Bing Images]
Some hair coloring tips from the same magazine 'Rupayan'. Check them out and make sure you follow them next time to keep your hair beautiful and yourself looking young. Wish I had known them when I colored my hair :(

Hair Color to look young
Yes, it is true. A well-chosen hair color which has been properly applied (preferably professionally) helps you look younger than your age. On the other hand, a wrong hair color can also make you look old. 
  • So, beware and take professional help if you are not able to decide what matches your skin tone.
  • And, it is always preferable to get your hair colored professionally and 
  • then your hair should be treated with professional or salon-range products only to keep your hair soft and color looking gorgeous. 
  • Always avoid the jet black color as it makes you look old. If you want to go natural, go for dark brown instead.
  • Indian skin is flattered by darker shades with red undertones like burgundy and browns and chocolate.
  • Colored hair looks thicker than uncolored hair but it looks really unkempt if you do not take care of your hair color so always protect your hair color and devote time to hair care weekly once. 
Before Coloring
Some of the precautions to be taken care of before coloring your hair if you are going to a do-at-home coloring job. 
  • Never apply color on freshly washed hair. It burns. I made that mistake so do not do that.
  • Always apply color on the second on third day after washing your hair as natural oils will help hold the hair color. 
  • But, never color dirty hair. Dust and dirty scalp and hair doesn't absorb color well.
  • Go for deep conditioning treatments before coloring your hair. It is important as these treatments will protect your hair to an extent and lessen the damage coloring does to the hair. 
  • Use professional treatments even if you go for home remedies. The chemicals in the professional and high-end products help protect your hair contrary to the belief that chemicals are bad for hair. 
  • Conditioning treatments also help the color to last long and weekly treatments mean shiny hair which makes color look beautiful. Hair color doesn't look good when faded. 
  • Before starting the coloring, read the instructions carefully and understand them. Follow them to the letter if this is your first time and even if not and do not exceed the time limit stipulated by the brand. 
How to apply Color?
  • Before starting, read the inst
  • Start applying color from the roots and proceed towards the mid length. Stop.
  • After a minute or two, comb your hair and let the color spread to the ends of your hair. This has two advantages - protects your hair ends from the full onslaught of hair coloring and lets the hair get a more natural color by blending the hair color with its natural color. 
  • Wash off the color after the stipulated time. Time the color job very carefully. 
  • Wash your hair till the water is clear and generally, you do not need to shampoo after using the color so follow with the conditioning treatments provided as an after-color procedure. Try to keep this condition treatments for 10-15 minutes as it helps bind the color to your hair and also, repairs the cuticles and seals the color in and makes your hair soft and shiny. 
Some tips to keep in mind
  • Always use high-end products made especially for the colored hair. They have ingredients which counter-act the damage caused by hair coloring. Especially useful are the conditioners and the treatments masks. 
  • After the coloring job, proceed with using a leave-in serum and avoid using a blow-dryer and let your hair air dry.   
  • You can follow with a conditioning treatments the next day to counter-effect the damage caused by coloring.
  • Avoid going into sun with naked hair. Cover your head with a scarf or carry an umbrella. Otherwise, your color will fade off soon.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

How many products do you layer on your face? {Your Opinion}

[Source: Google Images]
So, how many products do you apply on your face every morning and night and I am not talking about makeup here. Just skin care products.

Morning Routine
  • Toner 
  • Serum (optional)
  • Moisturizer (with spf optional)
  • Sunscreen
  • Eye Cream 
  • Compact / Foundation to give a matte effect or dewy look
Night Routine
  • Toner
  • Serum / Facial Oil (optional)
  • Night Cream
  • Eye Cream
When one applies so many products on their skin, it is pretty much a possibility that the products may break you out or the products might not be compatible with each other. And, there is another possibility - the products may clog the pores big time!!! So, it is always better to keep the routines simple and use minimal products so as to let the skin not be suffocated.
So, how many products do you prefer to use? 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tips for Healthy Diet {Health}

[Source: Google Images]
Dieting is not recommended to lose weight, as you all are well aware. Why? Dieting makes tissues and muscles weak and makes the body weak internally. So, the right thing is to exercise to cut down the calories. But, before that, there is another step which you should add another habit to your routine - healthy diet. 
  • Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. You can go for more too. 
  • Eat dinner 3-4 hours before you sleep. And, keep the dinner extremely light. And, no carbohydrates in the dinner.
  • Replace butter and mayonnaise with mint chutney. Its more yummy and delicious and gives a flavor to your snacks. 
  • Drink tomato, amla (Indian gooseberry), ginger or spinach juices.
  • Sesame seeds and dry fruits and nuts are recommended in the daily diet but don't over do them. 
  • Coconut water, lemon juice, vegetable soups, kabuli chana soup, buttermilk, ice tea without sugar, lemon mint juice are some of the drinks which will fulfill your need of liquids. 
These tips will help in controlling your weight and do not resort to dieting for weight problems. Constipation, acidity, hormonal problems, dark circles, aging skin, memory loss are some of the aftereffects of dieting. So, think before you resort to dieting.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Blog Award

This is from Bangalore Bengaluru. Check out the blog here . And, thank you so much. And, again I am dedicating this award to all my lovely readers and fellow bloggers :) Thanks a lot!!!

Moisturex Emollient, Humectant and Keratolytic Cream {Product Review}

Ok, so this is something new for most of you, if not all. I wanted to talk about the cream which my mom has been using faithfully since the past 15 years and which keeps her skin fabulous. And, I have been using this cream for the past 15-20 days and I thought it would be good to share this product with you all as it is a perfect moisturizer for winters.

Price: Rs 200 for 75gms (I am guessing but it should be around that)


My Experience
Moisturex is recommended for the above skin problems
It is a medicated cream and had been recommended by a doctor to my mom (don't remember for what reason but my stuck to it coz it suited her). Now, a little bit about the cream. It is a thin consistency cream but its very very moisturizing so I would recommend it only for dry skin and mature skin and those who live in colder climates. It makes the skin oily when in humid or tropical climate. So, I am using it now a days to combat the weather and protect my skin. 

And, this cream is awesome. It keeps my skin moisturized the entire day and keeps it looking supple and hydrated. This is something which I have never seen any other moisturizer do. To some extent, I'll give Liz Earle moisturizer a benefit of doubt but otherwise, it is great!!! And, not very expensive either. And, it lasts ages, trust me!!! Since its so creamy, you need to apply a very very thin layer and I apply it in dots and rub it into the skin. If applied properly, it also makes the skin appear a little dewy and it doesn't let the skin dry out at all so if you are suffering from broken skin or extremely dry patches, this is a cream which you should give a try. 

Regarding my mom's skin, her skin still looks flawless and its supple and so soft, seriously coz this cream makes the skin extremely soft. I think the credit of that goes to the ingredients - lactic acid and urea, both of which are supposed to be great for skin. So, give it a try :)

My Recommendation
I would definitely ask you to give it a try. Would be especially great for mature skin.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Biotique Bio Honey Gel {Product Review}

In my quest for a natural or herbal face wash, this was one of my tries. So, lets see how it went?

Price: Rs 149 for 120ml


My Experience
The USP of this product for me was the absence of SLS. The cleanser is pink in color as you can see and has an artificial fragrance. The consistency of the product is like a gel - neither too runny nor too thick. Now, how it cleanses? I have noticed that it cleanses the face very well and keeps the skin really soft. It doesn't cause your skin to dry out but you do need moisturizer afterwards. The major advantage is that it does help keep the blackheads at bay.
Now, a major disadvantage of the product is that it leaves a film behind and the skin feels slippery when you are trying to wash off the face wash which takes a lot of time to get rid of and wastes a lot of water too. Warm water does a better job at washing off the face wash. Otherwise, it is a really good product.

Now, I do not think I noticed any lightening of the complexion so nothing on those grounds. And, it doesn't leak while traveling even though it has a wide mouth but it does make more quantity come out of the bottle which is very irritating.

My Recommendation
If you do not mind the slippery feeling, it is definitely a must try!!!

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PS: PR Info

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nivea Repair and Protection {Product Review}

Price: Rs 140 (approx) for 4.8gms


My Experience
I needed an un-tinted lip balm for regular usage so I got this one.So, did I really like it? Well, I would say that it does protect the lips from sun. This one comes with spf 15. So, that's a plus. But, I don't really understand the claims of strengthening the lips so I shall limit the claims to repairing and protecting the lips especially sensitive lips.

First of all, I would say that it is hard to apply on the lips and doesn't glide as easily as other Nivea lip balms. And, regarding the moisturization, I thought that it does keep lips soft but it stays on the lips and the lips feel heavy which is a very irritating in case of lip balms. And, I didn't really think it stays for too long too. So, as far as my experience is, I am not very happy with this one. I would say that the Hydrocare from Nivea is better than this one.

I have just put my experience in front of you and I leave the decision on you now :)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Award

I am so thankful to Shrilata of Sparkles Unlimited for the award :) And, you should definitely check out her blog. Its fun to read it. Now, I am supposed to pass the award to 5 other blogs but I would like to dedicate the award to all my readers and fellow bloggers who have been a source of support and encouragement and specially dedicating this award to my blogging friends who make blogging worthwhile :) Thanks a lot to all of you!!!

Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief {Beauty Products}

Dermalogica Launching this November a Newly Reformulated Redness Relief SPF20!

A myriad of factors may contribute to persistent skin redness, ranging from sensitized reactions to environmental irritants to genetically acquired Rosacea. With these multiple conditions in mind, Dermalogica introduces a new addition to the UltraCalming system – reformulated Redness Relief SPF 20.

Redness Relief SPF 20 relieves both short-term and long-term redness, immediately attending to visible symptoms while addressing deeper causes. Natural earth minerals in the form of Hydrated Chromium Oxide give the product a highly blendable, concealing, yet semi-sheer green tint which instantly neutralizes the flush of inflammation, providing a perfect base for makeup application.

More than a cover-up, active botanical ingredients including Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Saccharomyces Lysate Extract, Bisabolol, and Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract interrupt the inflammation cascade and scavenge free radicals, helping to prevent future long-term damage.

The new formulation integrates Dermalogica’s patented soothing UltraCalming Complex, as well as a higher-SPF blend of both chemical and physical sunscreens for greater protection against UV which may trigger, worsen and prolong inflammation and accompanying redness.

New Redness Relief SPF 20 launches in India in mid-November 2011. The reformulated moisturizer joins the UltraCalming system which consists of five additional products including Cleanser, Mist, Serum Concentrate, Relief Masque and Barrier Repair. For more information on UltraCalming or any of Dermalogica’s product systems, please visit

About Dermalogica®:
Dermalogica® revolutionized the skin care industry when it emerged into the marketplace in 1986 with innovative formulations, which excluded common irritants, including SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and artificial colors and fragrances. Jane Wurwand developed the products to better support the advanced curriculum she had developed a few years earlier for The International Dermal Institute, which she also founded. Wurwand led the company’s growth from an idea to the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand.

Dermalogica® today has offices in over 50 countries and its products are sold in over 80 markets worldwide. Dermalogica products are available in select skin treatment centers on the recommendation of a qualified professional skin therapist in addition to the brand’s concept spaces in Santa Monica, CA; New York, NY;  London, England; Berlin, Germany; Auckland, New Zealand; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Mumbai, India and online at Dermalogica® is made in the USA, with its global operations based in Carson, just south of Los Angeles. To learn more about Dermalogica® and the brand’s concept spaces, please visit

PS: PR Info

HealthKart Discounts

Happy Shopping :)

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Get soft lips this winter {Lip Care}

[Source: Google Images]
Some remedies I read in a magazine so check them out: 
  • Rub cucumber slices on your lips. 
  • Aloevera gel also works wonders to keep the lips soft.
  • Neem leaves juice is good at controlling chapped and bleeding lips so try this out. 
  • And, the very own remedy - "shuddh desi ghee" which keeps the lips soft, pink and beautiful.
So, go ahead and try out these remedies and do not forget to drink lots and lots of water in the winters to keep your lips beautiful. Also, check out this lip scrub to keep away the tanning and do not forget to apply sunscreen regularly on the lips too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

How long do you leave the conditioner? {Tip of the Day}

[Source: Bing Images]
Ok, so hair care routines are not very easy to follow and varies from person to person depending on their hair types and textures but I really would like to get an idea on certain topics which keep me confused and this is one of them? How do you know how long should you keep the conditioner on?

Well, here is what I do? Squeeze out all the water by gently pressing the hair after shampooing it. You can use a cotton cloth if you want so as to remove the excess water. Now, apply conditioner from the level of your ears and cover the length of the hair and concentrate on the ends. Keep the conditioner for 5-7 minutes instead of just applying and washing it out. After 5 minutes, you can wash out the conditioner. But, if I am using a hair mask too, I like to keep the hair mask for around 5-7 minutes and wash out the conditioner in just 1-2 minutes.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

When should you wash your hair? {Hair Care}

[Source: Google Images]
Many say that you should wash your hair only once a week or twice a week or alternately depending on your hair type. But, is that really a correct thing? Well, I would say that one should wash their hair when necessary. And, that necessity may come from everyday to once in two week also. Everyday if you subject your hair to extreme dust and pollution and two weeks if you are sitting at home enjoying tv and not going out at all and your hair is not greasy with natural oils. The need is to keep your hair and scalp clean to encourage healthy hair growth. And, that can be done in many ways. 

If you do not go outside and just sit at home, it is better to use hair masks to wash off all the gunk in your hair rather than going for shampoo-condition ritual as your hair and scalp don't get so dirty that you need to use harsh chemicals to wash it off. 

But, if you go into dust and pollution everyday, it is very important that you clean your scalp of all the gunk that settles on it while you are outside. And, to prevent excess dirt in your hair, it is better to resort to protective methods like using a scarf on your hair or avoiding public transport (which is frankly not possible for everyone!!!) or avoiding heavy traffic hours (arrive a little early and leave little early to avoid heavy traffic hours). These simple adjustments in your timings can affect your lifestyle and health a lot. Of course, it is not even advisable to breathe in so much of pollution :( So, listen to the needs of your hair and treat it accordingly.

Now, a special case crops up here for people who work out heavily. If you are a light exerciser who likes to go for a walk or do yoga instead of the strenuous aerobic and cardiac exercises, then you need not worry but otherwise your hair has to be taken care of after every work out routine. Scalp also perspires heavily so washing hair becomes imperative on the days of the workout or everyday. The one thing which one can resort to is a cowash which cleans the scalp and keeps the chemicals of the shampoo away from hair. Or, you can resort to a mild natural shampoo or turn your shampoo into a milder one by this method.

Or, there is yet another alternative if you have ever heard of castile soap. Castile soap is a very mild soap produced through cold process and is made from olive oil and exceptionally gentle but cleanses very well. And, this works not only for skin and hair. Unfortunately, it is not available in Indian stores so one has to order for it online. If I ever do, I shall surely share more about this soap.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aarohi Oil of Apricot {Product Review}

You must have heard of Apricot Oil being a staple beauty product with Katrina Kaif. Yup, she uses it as a moisturizer so when I got this, I was pretty excited coz I had never known Apricot oil before this. So. how did it go?

Price: Rs 185 for 100ml

My Experience
Well, the first thing I would say is awesome!!! Yup, the apricot oil is a little thick but not at all sticky and gets absorbed into the skin so quickly that you wouldn't even notice it. It doesn't leave the skin oily at all. Instead, the skin feels awesomely smooth and soft and remains moisturized for 12 hours at a go. That is the maximum time I observed coz I do prefer to apply moisturizer twice a day and I generally take bath at night. But, seriously, I am a fan of Apricot oil and would even go to the lengths of saying that its way better than almond, coconut and olive oil. 

The only problem is that Apricot oil is not very widely available so if you get it, you are lucky. I picked this brand coz this was the one I laid my eyes on but do give any brand you get a try and generally, these oils are available from the small scale and fair trade brands which have come up as communities for encouraging and promoting backward villages and such. So, you are also doing a service which should make you happy :) Talking about this particular brand, I would say that it does look like its unadulterated as it has a nutty smell which adulterated oils lose. I did buy another brand but I haven't started using it so can't comment. But, I shall surely update my experience with the other one.

Another thing I would like to add is that I used this only as a body oil and not facial oil so I don't know how it does perform on the face but it is amazing as a body oil. As a facial oil, I felt it was probably a bit thick but then, since its getting colder now, it would probably be fine as a facial oil too. But, the oil does give a satin or silky skin feel after applying it. 

My Recommendation
Yes, yes and yes!!! You would yourself be amazed at the results :)

Yup, so talking about availability, I bought it online here: I had bought a gift set which came with the scrub and soap too. I have reviewed the scrub long back and adding a word about the soap, it was the best soap I had ever used and am definitely planning to get it again next time once I run out of my stocks :)

Have you tried using Apricot Oil? Pin It

Also read reviews of the products from the same brand:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Belly Bloats? {Health}

[Source: Google Images]
A very important reason for a huge belly is bloating. So, if you want to control the size of your belly, take care of the following points:
  • Intake less of salt. Salt, if taken in huge quantities, stores water inside the body which causes bloating. 
  • Coffee is again one of the causes of bloating
  • Also, stay away from the natural occurring sugar - Sorbitol. It occurs in fruits like Apples, Pears, Peaches and Prunes. And, it also occurs in sugar-free candies and gum and starches, including potatoes, corn, rice, bread, noodles and any products made from flour. These produce more gas as they are broken down in the large intestine.
So, keep these points in mind and take care of the size of your waist.

Quick Word

Hi guys!!! I am going to be MIA for a little while again. I know its being too hectic these days so posts would be coming but since I wouldn't be able to get online, I wouldn't be able to reply to your mails and comments and I shall get back to you as soon as I come back :)

PS: Did you do anything special on 11.11.11??????
Take Care and Lots of Love

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why A Beauty Regime is Part of Inner Beauty? {Guest Post}

About the author: Want to know what makes you beautiful? Resham Khiani is the founder of InnerBellissima, a blog dedicated to helping women tap into their inner beauty. Follow Resham on
I think this sums up Inner Beauty really well!!! [Source:Google Images]
We have one body for the rest of our lives - our bodies aren't suits that can be changed on a daily basis, so nurturing and taking responsibility should be a primary goal,  be it in the form of a cream, nutritional supplement, daily exercise, or healthy meals. Yeah, I'm obsessed with any girl who has "perfect" skin and have just gaped at women in public transport who haven't got a single blemish on their face or just look effortlessly beautiful - I just put this down to healthy scrutiny; a kind of motivation to take care of myself, rather than allowing the inner voices of criticism to proverbially drown me. 

I came across a wonderful quote recently: "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul". For me, it sums up how mind, body and soul require attention, a sort of unconditional pampering because without it, we'll weaken, perhaps even deteriorate. Indulging in a weekend of deep tissue massage, saunas, healthy eating, yoga and meditation are path ways to tapping into the wellness package. Consider it practical means of cleansing your mind, body and soul. 

Now you may ask, how does all this physical pampering relate to inner beauty? Good question: What I like about beauty regimes is that they offer pleasurable solace, away from the daggers the media throws at us woman for not having womanly curves, a perfectly shaped button nose or seductive pouty lips. It's that time, in the evening or day, when you can look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy the process of applying a mask - and purely for the fun of it, without the prickly worries of being called vain or insecure.

Beauty regimes are play time for us ladies - or should be considered that way. Our faces look like a purple grape, we soften ourselves with copious moisturisers and indulge in facial steam baths. Just think, it's time to connect with your feminine self. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Soulflower Rejuvenation Set {Product Review}

About the author: This post has been written by VA.  
I have been using natural soaps for as long as I can remember due to my sensitive skin. What attracts me to natural soaps is the ingredients. I always check the ingredients section of the product to make sure I can use it. 'Soulflower' is a Thai and Indian company and they make sure their soaps are quality made and also label them with ingredients. Soulflower soaps are sold in Homestop and malls and also can be bought online at
Last week I bought the Soulflower body rejuvenation set which includes a Jasmine soap, a refreshing massage oil that has lemongrass in it, and the rose and geranium ocean mineral bath salts. It costs Rs 350 and I bought my set from Homestop.

My Experience
  • The massage oil comes in a small plastic bottle. I wish the packaging was different because sometimes too much of the oil can come out. Otherwise, the massage oil smells really great and also feels good when applied on the body. 
  • The soap was great and did not irritate my skin and leaves it feelings soft and smelling nice. The only part I wish was that it didn't have artificial coloring added to the soap to make it more decorative.
  • I used the bath salts as a foot soak and it felt soothing. It also smells great.
Jasmine soap – Jasmine essential oil, fresh jasmine flower, Vitamin E, glycerin, aqua, olive, coconut, castor, palm and palm kernel oil .

Rose Geranium bath salts – Rosehip Essential oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Thai Herbs, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Epsom Salts, Sea salts and Permitted Colorings .

Refreshing Aroma Massage Oil – Essential oils of orange, lemongrass, mint, rosemary, tea tree, sweet almond oil, olive oil, and sesame oil.

My Recommendation
Overall I do recommend their products and hope you will give their products a try. What matters is you choose the soap you of your choice that is good for your skin type.

Have you tried any all natural soaps and if so what was the name of it ?
Image Sources: Soulflower Website

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pantene Total Damage Care Range {Product Review}

Sometime back, I had mentioned about the Pantene Total Damage Care Range shampoo and conditioner I had received. I have been using them since two-three weeks so now is the right time to review them.

Price: Rs 117 for 180ml


My Experience
Reviewing a shampoo is a little tough always because it is supposed to just cleanse the hair and scalp and not be harsh. So, yup, this shampoo does take care of all these requirements and does nothing more than that. It didn't make my hair rough or frizzy. So, I can say it is a good shampoo. Coming to the damage repair claim, it is difficult for a shampoo to repair a damage so I wouldn't say anything supporting or refuting that claim.

Price: Rs 59 for 80ml


My Experience
Now, shampoo does the cleaning job and conditioner does the restoration. So, how did this work? Ok, the conditioner is not very thick and spreads easily on the hair. I keep it for around 2-5 minutes every time I shampoo my hair and the results have been good. My hair is not damaged per se so it is difficult for me to comment on how it works on that ground but otherwise, it keeps my hair soft and moisturized and even makes my hair a bit shiny even when I have not applied oil before washing my hair. It also doesn't leave my hair frizzy and since it is cold now (in the hills), hair starts to get static-y which is not happening with my hair which is again a plus for me :) Otherwise, it is a real problem and static does damage the hair to some extent.

My Recommendation
Overall, I did like the conditioner more than the shampoo and I haven't used the hair mask of the range but I do hope to when I come across it. And, to add, one of the Pantene hair masks are very much recommended. I am not sure of which one but I think it is the restorative hair mask or something so I do look forward to using this mask too but right now, my shelf is full so will have to wait for probably 6-7 months before my stock gets finished!!! In the meanwhile, you should definitely explore this range and I would look forward to reading your experiences :)

PS: Products sent by the brand for consideration.

HealthKart Discounts

There is an upsurge of online shopping sites lately and one of them is which specializes in bringing the medical and health products to you apart from the regular personal and beauty products. So, it is having a few discounts which you might want to check out.
  • 15% Cash-back till Children's Day, 14th November.
  • 15% off on all Lotus Products for next three days (starting from 7th November).
  • 15% off on the hot-selling Revlon Color Burst lipgloss- use HKCOLORBURST (ends on 9th November)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Vanity Silly? {Your Opinion}

"Vanity" by John William Waterhouse. The image of Vanity, a beautiful woman admiring herself in a mirror, is found in European Art from the time of the middle ages. It is an ambiguous image because the spectator is invited both to admire and to disapprove. In this haunting picture, Waterhouse surely intends admiration to be paramount.[Source:]
Well, ok, I want to confess something today - No one in my friend circle knows about my blogging passion. I told one of my friends almost a year later and he was stunned saying there was nothing to hide in it. Well, in my defense, I wasn't sure how everyone will take it. They might think it silly and very girly and very stupid and in such veins, if you know what I mean. Well, no one really cares for a person who is all beauty and no brains, right? But, is indulging in vanity such a big sin? I mean if you do like getting made up or taking care of skin, is it such a bad thing??? Well, obviously, the answer I know is 'No' but have you ever faced a prejudice like that? No, I have not faced it but I think I will if I tell any of my friends which is pretty embarrassing and a lowering thought. What do you think?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Oil for removing Makeup {Skin Care}

Last time, I talked about Groundnut oil being great in removing sunscreen. This time I couldn't carry the groundnut oil around so I bought baby oil which is extremely inexpensive and is known to be a great makeup remover. So, just wanted to share my experience with you all.

What is Baby Oil?
I know you are all familiar with the baby oil but I want to talk about a different thing. Mineral Oil is an essential component of the baby oil and one of the most debated ingredients of the date. Well, in a simple language, I would say that it is not at all evil and is perfectly usable. So, don't worry about using baby oil on yourself if not on your babies. 

Baby Oil for Body
Ok, so I have used this oil for moisturizing my body and I wouldn't say I have become a fan!!! In fact, I hate its fragrance which bothers my nose a lot and the oil is not enough for dry skin. 

Removing Makeup
So, when I couldn't use it for body, I decided to try it for double cleansing. And, voila!!! it works so well. Well, here, I would like to add that all oils work equally well to remove all the extra layers on your face. So, go ahead and embrace oils. But, beware coz some oils can sting the eyes like coconut. But, baby oil is not at all stinging in nature and does its job pretty well. So, if you need a cheaper alternative to your cleansers, this is one of them :)  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oil and Hair {Hair Care}

[Source: Google Images]
I'll now mention one thing which I have seen is a habit of many people especially of the old school. Many people commented on my hair saying that since I had not been applying oil after washing my hair, it has lost its volume. Well, the insinuation here is that many people prefer to apply oil after washing their hair and leaving it like that till the next wash. I, personally, find this method is wrong. Not because your hair looks sticky or something but I have tried this and know that it doesn't really do anything for the hair. Instead, if you keep your hair oiled and go out, your hair will becomes dirty faster and scalp will attract a lot bacteria. Oil is one of the major causes of dandruff too. Extra oily and extra dry scalp both breed dandruff so keeping the scalp healthy and clean is one of the important points of hair care.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kat Burki Holiday Collection {Beauty Products}

Introducing the Kat Burki Holiday Collection
Delectable Candles and Soaps to Ring in the Holiday Cheer
November 2011 - (New York, NY) With the holiday season soon upon us, Kat Burki is pleased to announce the launch of their 2011 Holiday Collection; a decadent collection of Organic soaps and Renewable Soy Wax Candles designed to delight your soul and enhance your home with holiday cheer and fragrance.  Stay warm with these decadent candles during the upcoming cold winter months. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for friends and family or want to create a magical and memorable atmosphere for entertaining, the Kat Burki Holiday Collection candles and soaps add the right combination of sophistication and holiday excitement to your home as you prepare to cozy up indoors and welcome guests. 
Multiple notes of fruit and spices as well as warm notes create the Holiday Collection.  Available in two decadent fragrances:
  • Sugar Plum: An inviting, sweet blend of vanilla, exotic spices, and pomegranate
  • Hot Toddy: A warming, exotic mixture of apple, spices, and vanilla designed to invoke warmth and comfort

Holiday Collection Organic Soaps: Saponified oils of olive, palm, and coconut blend with exotic spices and holiday aromatics to create a moisturizing and luxurious cleansing experience 7.7oz. $18.00
Holiday Collection Organic Soy Wax Candles: All-natural 100% soy wax candle, scented with sensual exotic spices and holiday fruit notes, in etched glass jar that glows with hues of gold and brown when lit 9oz. Burn Time: 50 hours. $32.00. 
About Kat Burki: The Kat Burki Collection specializes in the body, the bath and the boudoir and is created for the chic individual with high expectations for style, quality ingredients and superb craftsmanship. Step into your glamorous dressing room filled with heavenly scents, drape your decadent robe over a chic velvet settee, create a tranquil, soothing atmosphere with a Kat Burki scented candle and relax into your own oasis and personal bliss.
Kat Burki’s Body, Bath & Boudoir Collection includes The Signature Collection, The Cosmos Collection and the Tete a Tete Collection. Prices for the line range from $15.00 - $52.00. For a store locator, further information on Kat Burki and the Bed, Bath & Boudoir Collection s or to shop online please visit

PS: Information sent by PR.
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