Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What will I do on Karvachauth? {Guest Post}

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Karvachauth, traditionally we celebrate this day for our husband’s long life.

My belief for Karvachauth is not against traditional values but, I believe in more realistic approach. I would like to celebrate Karvachuath for my married life and pray to God that love between me and my husband go stronger each day and we lead a happy married life together.

I believe in prayers and festivals. Karvachauth is a festive day and since, it is for the married life, I wish to have husband and wife fasting for their common pray to God.

Although, I am a new birdie in this world of karvachauth, yet I have my plans jotted down well in advance for this day. With heena on my hands, bangles in my wrists, with beautiful ethnic wear, I will bring in Karvachauth at the dawn of 15th Oct. We will do Sargi (ritual) where we will have milky feni and drink water like camel so that we don’t feel thirsty through out the day. I would love to go out for movie to kill my time however, if it is not possible, I will stay put at home watching television with mi husband.

Sun would set with a thali pooja, although I am not a very big fan of this pooja, but since it is a ritual, as long as it is possible I would do it. With the rise of moon and a set of ritual, I will break my fast followed by a luxurious dinner at some good restaurant.

PS: Well, this is a very special post by my dear friend, Kavita and she has written after many many urgings so thanks a lot Kavita and hope you have a great day :)

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