Tuesday, October 11, 2011

VioletBag.com Website Review {Online Shopping}

Online shopping is gaining popularity steadily as they are bringing in the brands not easily available and products we don't get to see anywhere. Whether online shopping is a fulfilling experience for a shopaholic can be a debated topic but it does provide many many advantages. And, one of the new websites on the block is violetbag.com. So, here goes my experience with the website.

Pretty simple and easy to search products or brands coz of the huge search bar right at the top of the page. A very simple website and it is not heavy at all.
Popular Brands are listed in the fore front, products divided in various categories as tabs, list of featured products are listed as you scroll down, customer care number and email is listed on the top of the page in the violet header
So many features so simply given on the main page itself is one of the good things of the site. And, to make it more simple, you can log in with your facebook account which makes the tedious process of creating an account very simple. I simply don't like to create accounts whichever site I visit but I would definitely like it to remember my details. Yes, this one remembers your billing address.
yeah they have filters enabled for easy searching of products (look on the left side) and you can check your shopping bag any time during your shopping and even edit it without leaving the page
Ok, this is one hitch with this relatively young website. The brands are not numerous and almost all are generally available at a beauty store so I would definitely love to see new and not so easily accessible brands on it. But, then, I think they are adding new brands on their website coz I am seeing new names today since I last checked on Friday. 
check out all the brands
continuation from the previous screen shot
I should also add that they have a huge source of perfumes so in case you are looking for perfume shopping, you should definitely try this website.

That is supposed to change from time to time and depending on different festivals and offers. But, right now, I saw 7-10% off on products which I browsed through.

Check out and Payment
this is how the order page looks like
you can pay either of the ways though Cash on Delivery makes life very easy
so they accept all cards too

Order Delivery
Well, I have to say they are super quick. You think this post is late as compared. Well, that's my fault. The order was super quick. I placed the order on Friday, they called to confirm it on Saturday (my fault again, my phone is acting weird!!!) and I got the delivery on Monday (I was expecting it on Wednesday). So, check out what I ordered and what shape they came in. 
I do like the name Violet Bag, don't you???
it opens vertically and everything is nicely packed using thermocol cubes
yeah all products are individually packed in bubble wrappings (I love to break the bubbles, do you??)
so, this is what I hauled!!!
Ok, so all the products arrived safely and what's more, I checked the manufacturing date of all. The Biotique an Loreal products were of the latest manufacturing date but Ponds manufacturing was in March, 2010 and it expires in March, 2012. Well, the product is not widely available so may be that's the reason. I don't have any issues with that, though!!!

My Recommendation
Oh yes!! You should definitely check this out.

PS: I was provided discount voucher from the website for the review.

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