Thursday, October 20, 2011

Upside down or normal - How to wash Hair? {Reader's Query}

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When I was not so grown up, my mm used to wash my hair and in the first, she used to wash my hair upside down. Then, one day an aunty came to the house and somehow they got into the discussion of hair washes and then, the aunty said that it is better to was hair normally as it prevents tangles. And, since then, I have started washing my hair normally without flipping my head. And, if I remember correctly, there have certainly less tangles.

The main reason is that hair is most delicate when it is wet and can break very easily so excess flipping of the hair can cause snags in the hair and cause it to break. Also, yes, it does prevent tangles. And, if I might add, it does create an unnecessary stress on your shoulders. And, there is yet another reason to wash hair normally - scalp is easily accessible when you upright than in the bent position. 

Also, when drying the hair, many people tend to flip the hair down. Even I do it but I think that should also be not done. Instead, gently squeezing the hair with the towel is a better way to remove excess water and stop dripping and then, you can leave it to air dry.

So, in case you wash your hair upside down, you might just want to see the difference for yourself. What do you think how should one wash the hair? Check out more tips on correct way to wash your hair.

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