Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Top 5 Beauty Tips for Men {Guest Post}

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Men and women have different needs when it comes to grooming. Unlike women, men cannot hide tiredness, acne or wrinkles with the help of make-up. The following tips will help men retain a more youthful appearance as they age.

Skin Care
Men have specific skin care needs when it comes to staying attractive and looking young. Since men sweat more than women, their chances of collecting dirt and having enlarged facial pores are great. Put together a skin care regimen that includes cleansing your face regularly, exfoliating your skin and applying moisturizer daily, especially around the eyes. Look for all natural, fragrance free products to reduce irritation to facial skin. When choosing a moisturizer, look for a product that is right for your skin type. To keep skin looking fresh and to combat wrinkles, try making time to get a regular facial. Also, to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Staying active is a key factor when it comes to finding the fountain of youth. Exercise keeps men balanced both mentally and physically. Plus, not only does exercise build strong and healthy muscles, but it also inspires confidence and relieves stress. Exercise also induces sweat, which will aid in removing unhealthy toxins from the body.

Body Care
Remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, nose and ears at regular intervals. Waxing the chest is a good option to consider if you’re into the bare body look. Make sure to keep finger nails and toe nails trimmed and clean by getting a manicure and pedicure. This promotes an overall clean and well groomed appearance. Try getting a body massage to improve blood circulation, tone up the body and to relieve stress.

Hair Care
Consider a hair style shorter in length. Well groomed short hair-cuts give off a younger looking vibe and cleaner outward appearance. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioners to keep hair looking healthy and shiny. Styling products are also useful in taming wild and unruly hair.

Shaving can be particularly hard on the skin. To get that perfect smooth shave make sure to exfoliate your skin first to rub away any dead skin. Make sure to shave right after a hot shower to soften the growth of hair and to get a clean, close shave. When shaving is complete, use an aloe vera based moisturizer that will tighten pores and it won’t dry out skin like most products that have alcohol in them can. If you have facial hair such as a beard or mustache, keep them trimmed and well-groomed.

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