Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam {Product Review}

I have been really excited about this product because of the carbon content in it and have been dying to try it out. And, of course, it wasn't available in the stores for quite a long time so when I came across this unexpectedly in Spencers, I grabbed it up. So, lets check if it was really worth that excitement?

Price: Rs 75 for 50 gms

As you can see, it has no SLS / SLES which is relief
It looks a cute and classy in its black packaging and draws attention. It has a flip top.

My Experience
As you can see the product has leaked out of the tube which is probably a disadvantage during travel
Well, I would say it has been both good and bad. As you all know, I am troubled with a very moody skin which is oily and dry both at its will and wish so I need a product which will take care of both these things. And, since the weather these days is cooling off and getting drier, that's definitely taking a toll on my skin. So, first time, I used the face wash, I saw that my face was neither dry nor stretchy and was completely clean. I could stay for a complete night without a moisturizer too. It did becomes stretchy after a while though but that's not really any face wash's fault. I am supposed to moisturize.

Now, the product is grayish in color and as with other face washes, it foams a lot in a very less product so you would really want to use less of the product every time coz a little more of the product does cause dryness. I noticed that. If I take a good amount of product, it does cause my skin to go dry and I have to moisturize immediately but if I stick with just a bit, my skin is very comfortable. And, regarding its ability to control the oiliness, I think oil doesn't come back for an hour or so. But, that's not something I really expected from this.  

My Recommendation
I think it is worth a try, definitely!!!

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