Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint - Beige {Product Review}

This is the second tint I have used after MVO Moisturizing Face Screen. So, lets see how it did for my skin?

Price: 21 Pounds (Rs 1600 approx) for 40 ml

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are responsible for the spf 15 and seeing them right in the top of the list makes me happy and then, you can see the iron oxides at the bottom along with Titanium Dioxide which provides the pigments for the tint
I loved the whole black/nevi-blue packaging of the product. It looks classy and attractive enough to tempt. Also, along with the product you have ordered, they will send you the samples of all three shades and they encourage you to use these samples first and decide which one suits you and if you have ordered any different shade, they would replace it for you provided you do not break the seal. This is a good thing to provide to the customers so that they can make the correct choice without any problem.

Samples of all three shades
Swatches of all 3 shades
My Experience
Ok, the main disadvantage of this product is that it has limited choices in the matters of shade and I am not sure if all the skin colors fall only under these three skin tones. And, spf 15 is way too less if you don't use sunscreen separately in Indian climate. So, that's one more place where it can be improved. 
Since my makeup knowledge being very limited, I actually tried to discover what is sheer. Actually, the foundations are classified in the categories of coverage according to the amount of pigment they have.
Sheer is the most transparent and contains the least amount of pigment. It will not hide discolorations on the skin; however, it can minimize the contrast between the discoloration and the rest of the skin tone. Although pigment technology has evolved dramatically since 2004, the traditional protocol for sheer foundations called for pigment to comprise 8–13% of the finished formula.
Light can cover unevenness and slight blotchiness, but is not opaque enough to cover freckles. It contains 13–18% pigment.
Medium coverage can, when set with a tinted (instead of translucent) powder, cover freckles, discolorations, blotchiness, and red marks left by pimples. It contains 18–23% pigment.
Full coverage is very opaque, and used to cover birthmarks, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation and scars. It is sometimes referred to as “corrective” or “camouflage” make-up. In general it contains up to 35% pigment, though professional brands, designed for use on stage, can contain up to 50% pigment. [Source: Wikipedia]
The product is really creamy and applies very easily. It blends very easily with the finger tips but leaves a lot of product on the fingers too so make sure you don't use the entire hand while applying this product. No problem during blending too and gives a smooth, even and non-patchy finish though I am not really sure if it covers the blemishes because this is supposed to be sheer. And, also, a point which Liz Earle products have taught - 'Less is More'. Very less of the product is required to give the desired finish. Any bit more and you could end up looking like a frying pan. Right amount and it will keep your face dewy and radiant through out the day.

Now, this being said that the product is creamy, do not mistake it to be moisturizing. In the drier climate as it is now and for dry skin, there is a need of moisturizer underneath. But, if you are in a hot and sultry climate or even humid one, be sure to set the foundation with the loose powder otherwise you might end up like a frying pan or a streaky face if you happen to sweat a lot or the skin becomes excessively oily. This I speak from personal experience. That day, I went to get the parlor services done and unfortunately, there was no electricity in the whole locality so it was really hot and I sweat a lot and very easily. So, by the time I was half way through, the girl attending me commented if I had applied foundation and said my face has become all white and I am sweating a lot. So, that's a lesson that never go without setting it with powder.

And, when it is hot and humid, the tint does transfer to the phone too. That's a problem easily solved if it is set with powder. I tried both the situations. And, one more thing I would mention is that carefully check between the shades coz the wrong one can make you look darker than your skin tone. I know that's obvious but actually, my skin color is wheatish so technically, Beige should have suited me but when I tried the Bare, it too suited me well and didn't look patchy or streaky at all like it generally happens if you choose too light a shade. In fact, it blended really well into my skin and gave me a radiant look without looking ghostly or white at all and it was like I had applied Beige only. There wasn't much difference except probably a little bit in terms of radiance. But, when I applied Beach (the darkest shade), it did turn me darker even though it is meant for medium to dark skin tones. So, selection of shades can be a little tricky.

My Recommendation
If I have to speak just for the product if applied correctly and taken care that it doesn't bleed, I would say its a good foundation and should be applied in a very thin layer for the best results. I think it will look fab at night rather than in the morning. And, I should add that I think its botanical ingredients do a little good for the skin too. So, that's an another plus to prefer this over other foundations. The only problem is that you have to order it online so you can check out Liz Earle website for more details.

PS: Product was sent by brand for consideration. 

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