Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes {Product Review}

This review is dedicated to Jiya of Shopping, Style and Us. She wanted my opinion on this product when she saw this one in my haul.

Price: Rs 45 for 10 wipes

As you can see, the wipes are bio-degradable which makes me happy
Yellow packaging does make it more eye-catching but nothing extra-ordinary!! 

My Experience
I have used only Himalaya wipes before and currently I am using the makeup removing wipes (green colored ones) from Kara so my comparison would be with them. So, these smell awesome!!! And, they have a lot of the serum / liquid or whatever it is as compared to both of the others. The sheets are thick comparatively though the size is same. Since the sheets are thick, one is generally enough for whole of the face and neck which might not be so in the other two cases. The serum also doesn't become slimy and if washed with water later, there is no need for face wash but I do like to use face wash as a back up to remove all the product residues. 

One thing I did note though and which made me skeptical of the product is that the first time I used it, it stung on my skin. Yes, they carry a warning on those lines but only for the product getting into the eyes which I checked out later but I can actually see no reason why it should sting on the face. And, also, it has more chemicals than I would care to apply daily on my face which is another negative. For emergency purposes, it would be perfect though!!!

My Recommendation
I am not sure I should say yay or nay but I think they would be perfect for travel purposes and I did like them more than dislike them. Rest, you should check them out for yourself!!

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