Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes {Product Reviews}

I am not much fan of the wipes because I always feel they leave a slimy feeling on my face and they are full of chemicals which I find not very nice for my face and I prefer washing my face but sometimes, it becomes unavoidable to use these wipes. So, I bought a packet of the Himalaya Baby Wipes because they say they are extra soft.

Price: Rs 60 for 24 wipes (Rs 135 around for the bigger pack)


Just like all other wipes, you will find this to be a seal-able ones but I often think that this is not a very nice/hygienic packaging as air comes in contact with the wipes and bacteria can breed on the wet wipes and not always the seal goes properly so there is always a gap left if you are not careful allowing the air to go inside. That is one of the other reasons I don't like wipes. I think I would better get back to cotton only though using wipes is far more comfortable.

My Experience
The wipes are indeed soft. But, somehow, the wipes I am using presently are not as wet as they were in the earlier pack. I don't know how that is possible and it can also be that Himalaya has revamped the product. Anyways, the other thing is that the wipes are thinner and delicate when compared to Kara wipes. Thus, sometimes, the wipes also seem to get torn too when there is too much of product on my face.

Regarding the slimy feeling, I think one gets used to it if you use the wipes for over a period of time but then, there is not much of the solution on the wipes I am currently using so it is fine. The wipes, also, do not cause any itching or irritation on the skin and will suit sensitive skin too as this has been meant for the babies. That's a different issue that I will never use such things for my babies. This doesn't have alcohol so that's a plus factor but I think all the wipes these days come without alcohol. It also boasts of Lotus extracts but I have no idea how much that really helps.

One of the best things about these wipes is that it removes the makeup very nicely. I used it during my certain stupid experiments with the eye shadows and tried this and it worked beautifully. But, it can't remove kohl/kajal. I have no idea how it will work for water-proof makeup. Overall, I would say it is a good product despite its few shortcomings.

My Recommendation

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