Monday, October 31, 2011

Hair Mask first or Conditioner? {Your Opinion}

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Well, ok, this has me baffled. Using conditioners and after-wash hair masks are very confusing and I sincerely don't understand which should come first? Ok, the simplest solution is to forgo conditioner and use only hair mask but then, if we go to the logic of the products - hair mask is nourishing but conditioner acts like a sealant, right? So, apparently, hair mask should be first followed by the conditioner. But, I have seen many products ask you to use the hair mask after the conditioner. Well, frankly, using other logic also, conditioner seals the cuticles and creates a layer over the hair so how will the mask nourish the hair if there is already a protective layer on the hair, right? So, is using hair mask before hair conditioner the norm? How do you use it?

And, another question is also that how long would you leave the hair mask? I mean keeping something on the hair when it is wet and waiting inside the bathroom is really very tedious, right? I read on the few hair masks I own - minimum stipulated time is 3 to 5 minutes and I don't know how much deep conditioning is done in that little time. Contrary to that, I like pre-wash hair masks, either DIY or over-the-counter product, which can be applied to dry hair because of two reasons - hair is dry so the absorption power is more and also, because I don't have to spend my time inside the bathroom. On the contrary, as winters are approaching and my head is a little susceptible to cold when wet so I have completely foregone on the DIY masks and have stocked up on over-the-counter hair masks - Dove, Loreal and again Dove. But, I am always confused on how long should one leave it and I don't like taking breaks during my bath and as I already pointed out before, body wash should not precede hair wash so may be indulging in a little manicure and pedicure would be appealing. What say? Or, may be you prefer getting deep conditioning treatments in the salons? Its definitely pampering but so heavy on the pocket!!!

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