Monday, October 17, 2011

Face Mask Sheets or Face Masks? {Your Opinion}

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Guaranteed that face mask sheets are easy to use and less messy and best to use while traveling. And, I have used only two till day in my life and I can't help being curious to ask you all about your feedback with the experience with face mask sheets?? Do you really think its worth it or they really work?

For me, I would say that any day I would prefer face masks (either DIY or store-bought) than face mask sheets. Somehow, I can't feel that the liquid of the sheet penetrates the skin even if you keep the mask for half hour or more on your face and it does get tiring after a while too coz you have to lie down and close your eyes. Compared to that, the face masks are messy and need more work but I feel they really act on the skin directly and a part of the product does get absorbed and yield results. Well, this may be a personal prejudice too but I was just curious as to what you all think about it???

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