Friday, October 28, 2011

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner {Product Review}

The second product of the Dove Nourishing Oil Range.

Price: Rs 160 for 180ml

sorry for the hazy snap but it has a really reflective surface!!!
My Experience
Ok, I am a little double minded about the conditioner. It is a really thick conditioner and is two-colored just as it says - the white stripe with a golden stripe. I think it has a tendency to weigh down the hair but if you don't apply it properly, it wouldn't give any results. So, to get results from this product, the quantity of the product has to be in balance with the time. For the first few times, I used two dollops of conditioner on water-squeezed hair and left the conditioner for 2-5 minutes each time. And, that I think weighed down my hair a bit but hair was soft and shiny. Where as, the last time I used, I was short of time and so I used only one dollop of conditioner and kept it for only a minute or may be under that and my hair was really not fine. It wasn't so shiny and it looked frizzy. So, its a hit and trial method with this product but it does deliver results.

I have just one problem with it - the conditioner is extremely thick. I am really sorry for the lack of snaps but I couldn't take out time before leaving to click them. So, I shall update this probably in sometime. But, the conditioner is thick and it doesn't glide on the hair easily. So, keep the hair damp enough but not wet or even too dry which will make you end up using more product and might weigh down the hair. So, its kind of an important regimen of this range which can't be ignored at all.

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

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