Monday, October 24, 2011

Budgeting on Shopping {Your Opinion}

[Elephant taken from Bing Images and Owl belongs to its rightful owner who painted it on a t-shirt]
Well, I dare say my expenditure has risen to a shocking level on cosmetics and beauty products since I have started blogging. And, when I read favorable reviews of something, I am almost always tempted to buy it. I dare say that's a female weakness to which most of succumb. But, it is obviously not very convenient to spend too much money on every product you want especially when you have to consider brands like Lush and Body Shop and I am not even venturing to MAC or Clinique.

Well, I do think it is always profitable to buy best of the products or from higher brands because of the quality but many people do make do with the cheapest options available too especially when talking about daily essentials. So, how do you really decide what to buy?

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