Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Biotique Watercress Fresh Nourishing Conditioner {Product Review}

Well, I am really two-minded about Biotique products but to be fair, many of the products do work for me and so did this one also. I found this to be one of the really good conditioners I have ever used. 

Price: Rs 159 for 120ml

Earlier, the product was called water salad which was I think a more appropriate name for the product. As you can see from the ingredients, it has lots of vegetables - ananas (pineapple), carrots, cucumber, lemon, pudina, tomato. And, now to more obscure ingredients, Ghrit Kumari is aloe vera, Jav is Barley Water, Pyrus Cydonia is Quince Seed Extract, Ankurit Gehun is germinated wheat or wheatgerm oil and the base is of course water. No watercress :O
Same as other Biotique products and the bottle has a very wide mouth because of which you will always get more of product than you intend. 

My Experience
Well, the conditioner is extremely watery and looks almost like aloevera gel mixed with a little water. Its green in color too. It definitely takes some getting used to because of its watery texture and is a bit runny to apply. But, I liked how it kept my hair soft and gave a bit of shine to it. And, the best part of this conditioner is that it doesn't weigh the hair down any time. And, didn't cause my hair to turn greasy or limp the next day or anything. And, also, I didn't feel as if created a residue on my hair or anything of the like. So, overall, it was a good experience. 

Yes, the product does wish me to desire a lot. For example, it has no watercress mentioned in the ingredient list which is really bad. That's misleading. And, the packaging also needs to be user-friendly so that there is no product wastage or spillage. Its, after all, not very cheap. 

My Recommendation
I would definitely say that it is a good conditioner and I would recommend it. Even if there is no transparency about the ingredient list, I can say that the product has no silicones which is a plus!!! 

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