Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Biotique Bio Henna fresh Powder Hair Color {Product Review}

So, this is more of a experience than a review coz I have no idea of the hair color it gives and I can't say how much of the grays it will cover. 
color chart
Price: Rs 199 for 90 gms

Mehendi (63%), Aam Beej (8%), Neem (5%), Arjun (8%), Gambhari (6%), Daruhaldi (5%), Kikar Gaund (5%)

I thought it would be good to speak about packaging to while reviewing the products coz they have a lot of influence in the mindset. So, the jar is very much similar to the other Biotique products and frankly I don't like the green jars and tubs they have. Very unusual color and very tacky. The worst is that this tub has a false bottom which pretty much reduces the quantity of the product. And, the tub is not full to the brim, probably only 3/4ths which is really bad. I wish they would at least consider providing a proper quantity.

My Experience
Well, I have mainly used the henna for henna gloss and it has definitely been a good experience. Regarding the product, I would say that the ingredients sound fabulous and the smell of the henna does make me feel that it is real enough. One thing I have noticed is that it doesn't dry the hair like other hennas do. So, I would definitely vote for it. And, yup, I shall definitely buy this henna in case I need it ever in the future. 
The only disadvantage is that the quantity is too less. It lasted me 4 times, that's it and that was henna gloss application. A proper henna application would take lot more of henna and probably for long hair, one application would finish a jar. And, for medium hair, it will probably serve 2-3 times, that's it!!! And, for that quantity and usage, it is definitely very costly.  But, much cheaper than Lush Cacas and equally natural.

My Recommendation 
I think it is worth a try, definitely.

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