Monday, October 10, 2011

Biore Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton Wipes {Product Review}

I had received a pack of these when I had won a giveaway. And, I decided to keep them for travel purposes. So, how did they do? I don't know the price and I am not sure of the ingredients coz everything on the back of the pack is in Korean.

Just like other wipes. 

My Experience
These are cotton cloth wipes. And, thankfully, they do not get torn like the Himalaya ones do. They remove my sunscreen pretty well and do not leave the slimy feeling behind. The cleansing oil or whatever is there on the cloth gets dried pretty quick and doesn't make the face sticky or anything. And, the cloth is not very wet to begin with like that of Kara. It is just like a cloth soaked and rinsed out to the point of dampness. And, it did help me when I couldn't wash my face in the trains so yup worth a try if you ever go to Korea or Malaysia or may be Singapore too :)

My Recommendation
Try it if you get it!!!

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