Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aloevera for soft skin {Skin Care}

Ok, so this is something really simple. I used the Papaya Peeling Gel I reviewed a little while back and then, I wanted to use something as a face pack and didn't want to go for the market face masks. So, I used the Patanajali aloe vera gel and I applied a thick layer of the gel on my face and left it for half hour. I think it is because of the ingredients of the product that my face wasn't all dried up and stayed well-moisturized otherwise aloe vera is notorious for drying up the skin. But, I am not entirely sure so I leave on to you to tell me how it goes if you use the aloe gel from the plant.

What to do?
Apply a thick layer of aloe gel on your face and leave it for half hour. It might tingle in the starting and even sting a little if you have inflamed skin but it subsides in a few minutes. You should apply it around the eyes and the lips too. Just be sure you don't eat it :D

An extremely soft skin with a really silky feel that you want to touch your skin again and again!!! I am really amazed at the results. And, aloe is good at removing tan and blemishes so it does help in that matter too. And, the main benefit is that you can use it everyday for a little perking up the skin. It hydrates the skin and soothes it after a long day in the dust, pollution and sun.And, also, it reduces the size of the pores. So, those who have such problems should definitely try this remedy. My pores are looking way smaller.

Ok, so this information I have from a very credible source - one of my readers. And, this is what she said: 
"Though I agree with the silky softness acquired post application, I'd noticed an alarming increase in those 'keel' of 'keel-muhaase' around my jawline. A room-mate experienced tiny boils erupting. We both discontinued use after a week."
Now, my opinion of this problem is that the culprit is not the aloevera gel but the Patanjali product. I checked the ingredients of the product.
Ingredients: 90% aloe gel and rest are permitted colors, Vitamin E, preservatives and fragrance.
So, either the preservatives or the colors or fragrance might have initiated the breakout reaction. Though, well, they might even be allergic to aloe gel but that's some what less likely. So, check out if the product suits you before you try this out. 

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