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Hair Mask first or Conditioner? {Your Opinion}

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Well, ok, this has me baffled. Using conditioners and after-wash hair masks are very confusing and I sincerely don't understand which should come first? Ok, the simplest solution is to forgo conditioner and use only hair mask but then, if we go to the logic of the products - hair mask is nourishing but conditioner acts like a sealant, right? So, apparently, hair mask should be first followed by the conditioner. But, I have seen many products ask you to use the hair mask after the conditioner. Well, frankly, using other logic also, conditioner seals the cuticles and creates a layer over the hair so how will the mask nourish the hair if there is already a protective layer on the hair, right? So, is using hair mask before hair conditioner the norm? How do you use it?

And, another question is also that how long would you leave the hair mask? I mean keeping something on the hair when it is wet and waiting inside the bathroom is really very tedious, right? I read on the few hair masks I own - minimum stipulated time is 3 to 5 minutes and I don't know how much deep conditioning is done in that little time. Contrary to that, I like pre-wash hair masks, either DIY or over-the-counter product, which can be applied to dry hair because of two reasons - hair is dry so the absorption power is more and also, because I don't have to spend my time inside the bathroom. On the contrary, as winters are approaching and my head is a little susceptible to cold when wet so I have completely foregone on the DIY masks and have stocked up on over-the-counter hair masks - Dove, Loreal and again Dove. But, I am always confused on how long should one leave it and I don't like taking breaks during my bath and as I already pointed out before, body wash should not precede hair wash so may be indulging in a little manicure and pedicure would be appealing. What say? Or, may be you prefer getting deep conditioning treatments in the salons? Its definitely pampering but so heavy on the pocket!!!

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I wanted to inform you all that I would be MIA for next few days so keep your comments and mails pouring in. I shall check them as soon as I can. I have scheduled some posts so they would be coming!!! So, see ya in a few days. 

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Repair Mask {Product Review}

Price: Rs 300 for 200ml


My Experience
The mask is creamy and light and spreads very easily in the hair. I have used it thrice yet and can easily say that it makes the hair super soft and keeps it conditioned. Though, I would also add that it is important to follow this up with the conditioner otherwise the hair does remain frizzy!! And, it is light enough that one can use it twice a week too because I didn't feel that its effects last for a week. Ok, one more thing I would say that this tub would last me quite a while because you can see the finger traces and amount of the mask used up till now. For every wash, I use two scoops of the mask and spread it on towel-dried hair and keep it on till 5-7 minutes minimum.

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Serum {Product Review}

sorry for the bad snap!!
So, this is the third product of the Dove Nourishing Oil Care range. Read on to find out if I liked it or not.

Price: Rs 300 for 40ml (definitely costly)


My Experience
The serum is very clear and since my hair volume is less and my hair is fine, I need only a single or sometimes two pumps. If I take more, my hair would weigh down. The texture of the serum looks oily but it disappears into the hair as soon as you apply it. And, it detangles the hair very nicely and imparts a sheen to the hair. I don't know if it does anything more than that but it does what it says above - leaves the hair softer and shinier and as to the nourishment factor, I don't know. But, I don't think if it helps to make the hair look more hydrated. As far as my experience goes, it creates a layer on the hair and locks in whatever is on your hair so it is good to apply hydrating serums before using this. But, this product doesn't weigh down the hair or leave any residue behind. Its definitely a good product to use during any special occasion or the like.

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PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner {Product Review}

The second product of the Dove Nourishing Oil Range.

Price: Rs 160 for 180ml

sorry for the hazy snap but it has a really reflective surface!!!
My Experience
Ok, I am a little double minded about the conditioner. It is a really thick conditioner and is two-colored just as it says - the white stripe with a golden stripe. I think it has a tendency to weigh down the hair but if you don't apply it properly, it wouldn't give any results. So, to get results from this product, the quantity of the product has to be in balance with the time. For the first few times, I used two dollops of conditioner on water-squeezed hair and left the conditioner for 2-5 minutes each time. And, that I think weighed down my hair a bit but hair was soft and shiny. Where as, the last time I used, I was short of time and so I used only one dollop of conditioner and kept it for only a minute or may be under that and my hair was really not fine. It wasn't so shiny and it looked frizzy. So, its a hit and trial method with this product but it does deliver results.

I have just one problem with it - the conditioner is extremely thick. I am really sorry for the lack of snaps but I couldn't take out time before leaving to click them. So, I shall update this probably in sometime. But, the conditioner is thick and it doesn't glide on the hair easily. So, keep the hair damp enough but not wet or even too dry which will make you end up using more product and might weigh down the hair. So, its kind of an important regimen of this range which can't be ignored at all.

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo {Product Review}

I had received the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range couple of weeks back which I had shared with you. So, here goes the review of the shampoo first.

Price: Rs 123 for 200ml


My Experience
I am a very choosy person in the matter of shampoos and I generally end up not liking any in the first use itself. So, if I liked this shampoo a little in the first and certainly in the second usage, there would be something in that!! Well, you might recall that I have been complaining about my hair going really rough after the hair coloring I had done in May and, since then, none of the shampoos I have ever used have really made my hair feel soft after washing it off. This one did.

Now, I did use it in both ways - using the shampoo alone and mixing the shampoo with water. Both ways, it worked quite well for me and it cleansed my hair well. It lathers pretty well, of course. And, I like the texture and color of the product. It is creamy and not very thick but a little runny and it is slightly golden in color. And, it did leave my hair pretty soft and nicely fluffed up.

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PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Biotique Watercress Fresh Nourishing Conditioner {Product Review}

Well, I am really two-minded about Biotique products but to be fair, many of the products do work for me and so did this one also. I found this to be one of the really good conditioners I have ever used. 

Price: Rs 159 for 120ml

Earlier, the product was called water salad which was I think a more appropriate name for the product. As you can see from the ingredients, it has lots of vegetables - ananas (pineapple), carrots, cucumber, lemon, pudina, tomato. And, now to more obscure ingredients, Ghrit Kumari is aloe vera, Jav is Barley Water, Pyrus Cydonia is Quince Seed Extract, Ankurit Gehun is germinated wheat or wheatgerm oil and the base is of course water. No watercress :O
Same as other Biotique products and the bottle has a very wide mouth because of which you will always get more of product than you intend. 

My Experience
Well, the conditioner is extremely watery and looks almost like aloevera gel mixed with a little water. Its green in color too. It definitely takes some getting used to because of its watery texture and is a bit runny to apply. But, I liked how it kept my hair soft and gave a bit of shine to it. And, the best part of this conditioner is that it doesn't weigh the hair down any time. And, didn't cause my hair to turn greasy or limp the next day or anything. And, also, I didn't feel as if created a residue on my hair or anything of the like. So, overall, it was a good experience. 

Yes, the product does wish me to desire a lot. For example, it has no watercress mentioned in the ingredient list which is really bad. That's misleading. And, the packaging also needs to be user-friendly so that there is no product wastage or spillage. Its, after all, not very cheap. 

My Recommendation
I would definitely say that it is a good conditioner and I would recommend it. Even if there is no transparency about the ingredient list, I can say that the product has no silicones which is a plus!!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Emu Oil {Ingredient}

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Have you heard of Emu Oil? Well, it is pretty much famous for its amazing anti-aging benefits for the skin. I cam across it while reading the ingredients of one of the MVO products and I thought of doing a post on it. Emu oil is used in many of the MVO products - one of them being the Everyday Sheer Coverage I reviewed sometime back.

What is Emu Oil?
It is the oil made from the fat of Emu, a bird which is native of Australia. 

Benefits of Emu Oil
It has many benefits (you will read that sentence everywhere but I don't think I have come across such long a list ever though whether it is true or not is debatable). So, I'll just list a few and give you the source for further reading. 
Emu oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 7 that are anti-inflammatory and repair the lipid barrier. Results: smoother, softer, more radiant skin; scars and stretch marks fade; relief from eczema, dermatitis, dry skin [Source: MVOrganics]
It is anti-inflammatory and heals the wounds and burns.  It helps with acne, sunburns, age spots, aging issues, dandruff, eczema and many other things. [Source: Emu Oil Benefits] (please go to source for complete list)

How is it extracted? 
This is the part which is why I wrote this post. I don't know if it has entered your mind if Emu is killed to extract Emu Oil? I wanted to know the answer for this question and the answer is, unfortunately, Yes. But, there is a catch if you don't want it to weight down on your conscience. Emu is killed for its meat, specifically. Because, the meat of emu is lean and has many health benefits. So, when the Emu is killed, the meat is cooked and the fat of the Emu is used to extract the oil so yup its not vegan or organic or even vegetarian, for that matter.

One main thing about Emu Oil is also that it is seldom available in its 100% pure form coz its a very valuable oil. So, if you think of buying this oil, go for the reliable and best brands instead of any which fancies your eye coz the lower grade of oils can lead to skin irritations and other problems.

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Happy Diwali!!!

My favorite festival of the year is here and I wish you all a very very happy and prosperous Diwali :)
And, don't forget to check out my past posts for Diwali preps:
Also, since Diwali gives way to winters so check out my posts for winter skin and hair care. And, enjoy the festive season to your max!!!

Budgeting on Shopping {Your Opinion}

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Well, I dare say my expenditure has risen to a shocking level on cosmetics and beauty products since I have started blogging. And, when I read favorable reviews of something, I am almost always tempted to buy it. I dare say that's a female weakness to which most of succumb. But, it is obviously not very convenient to spend too much money on every product you want especially when you have to consider brands like Lush and Body Shop and I am not even venturing to MAC or Clinique.

Well, I do think it is always profitable to buy best of the products or from higher brands because of the quality but many people do make do with the cheapest options available too especially when talking about daily essentials. So, how do you really decide what to buy?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beauty Quotes

"Beauty has a lot to do with character."
-Kevin Aucoin 

I love collecting quotes. Its a special hobby of mine and I have got diaries at home filled with good quotes. And, if you like quotes, do visit this link: I have written down some of them in my other blog I talked about. 

Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes {Product Review}

This review is dedicated to Jiya of Shopping, Style and Us. She wanted my opinion on this product when she saw this one in my haul.

Price: Rs 45 for 10 wipes

As you can see, the wipes are bio-degradable which makes me happy
Yellow packaging does make it more eye-catching but nothing extra-ordinary!! 

My Experience
I have used only Himalaya wipes before and currently I am using the makeup removing wipes (green colored ones) from Kara so my comparison would be with them. So, these smell awesome!!! And, they have a lot of the serum / liquid or whatever it is as compared to both of the others. The sheets are thick comparatively though the size is same. Since the sheets are thick, one is generally enough for whole of the face and neck which might not be so in the other two cases. The serum also doesn't become slimy and if washed with water later, there is no need for face wash but I do like to use face wash as a back up to remove all the product residues. 

One thing I did note though and which made me skeptical of the product is that the first time I used it, it stung on my skin. Yes, they carry a warning on those lines but only for the product getting into the eyes which I checked out later but I can actually see no reason why it should sting on the face. And, also, it has more chemicals than I would care to apply daily on my face which is another negative. For emergency purposes, it would be perfect though!!!

My Recommendation
I am not sure I should say yay or nay but I think they would be perfect for travel purposes and I did like them more than dislike them. Rest, you should check them out for yourself!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lakme Fruit Blast Berrylicious Fruit Revitalizing Scrub Mask {Product Review}

I was very much intrigued by the pink color of the mask and bought it. Its really one of a kind!!!

Price: Rs 150 for 50gms


Nothing amazing but the deep pink of the pack will definitely attract your eyes as it is quite unusual. 

My Experience
The mask has to be applied on a wet skin and left to dry for 15 minutes and then, scrubbed and washed off. Applying the mask is easy as it spread smoothly on the wet skin but sometimes, it can get clogged at certain places. Not much of a problem though. And, you do feel nice thinking about a pink mask on your face. I was in love with the pink color of the mask (though, I am not much fan of pink as a general rule). Since the product has Bentonite and Kaolin (clays), it wouldn't probably suit the dry skin though the product says nothing about the skin types. And, I would say, I expected too much out of the product.
But, sadly, this mask does nothing to the skin. It looks like a toothpaste as you can see in the pic above and has a waxy feel to it. The scrub beads are wax beads as indicated by the ingredients list and they are less in concentration and sharp enough. And, it gives a very unpleasant feel of the product. I think jojoba beads would have been better here. It left my skin just as it was before. Not even an extra radiance and no difference in the softness. The only thing which I found was that this product gives a feel-good factor which goes away after first few uses. My only regret is that I wish it had done some good to my skin. 

My Recommendation
I think finding this product is a little difficult and I don't have any idea if it is still in the market. But, I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. I think it is a little expensive too.

Friday, October 21, 2011

How much shampoo should be used? {Reader's Query}

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To start with this, I use water to dilute my shampoo and have been advising it on my blog since the start of it. Well, diluting the shampoo doesn't make the shampoo less effective. In fact, it lathers easily and spread evenly on the scalp and over the hair instead of sitting at just one place. And, this practice is also said to reduce the harshness of the shampoo. Well, I don't know much about that so I wouldn't say anything but I would say that when you dilute your shampoo, the product obviously lasts longer. As much as my experience goes, you can turn a quarter of a shampoo into a full bottle by adding water to the product and it still lathers the same. That means, your shampoo lasts four times as much longer! And, I also like to make my shampoo more better by adding good herbs to it.

Anyways, I know many of the people don't like to dilute the shampoos. So, how much is enough for one use? Well, I have medium length hair which is fine and not so thick. So, whenever I am testing out new shampoos, I like to start with a dollop. I take just one dollop into my palm and spread it evenly by rubbing it in between both the palms and then, I apply it to the scalp. I like to shampoo my hair twice and nearly every time, my hair is oiled. So, first time, it is quite possible that there is no lather if the hair is greasy. But, don't worry about lather. Lather doesn't indicate the cleansing action of the shampoo. Then, second time, I take another dollop and spread it throughout the scalp and massage my scalp for 30 seconds - 1 minute. It lathers well the second time so I use the lather to wash my hair length instead of applying shampoo again to the length of my hair. This cleanses my hair well. 

So, how much shampoo should an average-haired person use for one time? I think four dollops are more than enough for people with thick medium-length hair. More than that would cause drying of the hair. For people with fine hair, you can make do with three dollops even if the hair is thick. The key is to use as less shampoo as possible to minimize the drying of the hair and anyways the concentration while washing the hair should be on the scalp mainly instead of the length of the hair. Also remember, the conditioners also contain cleansing agents so they add that final touch while conditioning your hair. Always remember that shampoo acts well only on wet hair so always wet your hair thoroughly before starting on with the shampoo otherwise you will end up using more and your hair might end up looking dry and straw-like.

My 501st post!!!

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Upside down or normal - How to wash Hair? {Reader's Query}

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When I was not so grown up, my mm used to wash my hair and in the first, she used to wash my hair upside down. Then, one day an aunty came to the house and somehow they got into the discussion of hair washes and then, the aunty said that it is better to was hair normally as it prevents tangles. And, since then, I have started washing my hair normally without flipping my head. And, if I remember correctly, there have certainly less tangles.

The main reason is that hair is most delicate when it is wet and can break very easily so excess flipping of the hair can cause snags in the hair and cause it to break. Also, yes, it does prevent tangles. And, if I might add, it does create an unnecessary stress on your shoulders. And, there is yet another reason to wash hair normally - scalp is easily accessible when you upright than in the bent position. 

Also, when drying the hair, many people tend to flip the hair down. Even I do it but I think that should also be not done. Instead, gently squeezing the hair with the towel is a better way to remove excess water and stop dripping and then, you can leave it to air dry.

So, in case you wash your hair upside down, you might just want to see the difference for yourself. What do you think how should one wash the hair? Check out more tips on correct way to wash your hair.

Liz Earle TV Channel {Beauty Products}

You have read many reviews of Liz Earle products till now. So, thinking that you would be interested in knowing a bit more about the brand, I bring to you the video channel started by Liz Earle. I did watch a few videos and thought it would be interesting to share them with you. Check them out here. I tried to embed them but it was interfering with the layout so check the video on the website itself.

Also, while you are browsing through their videos, I would specially ask you to look at the "Fragrance". Their product, Botanical Essence No. 1, has caught my particular attention and its fascinating to know more about the product. And, Liz Earle is so beautiful!!!

An Announcement

Hello Everyone!!! I just wanted to let you know that I shall be in travel for a couple of days so wouldn't be able to come online or attend to your mails and comments. But, I have already scheduled posts so there will be no dearth of them and do keep on sharing your views and commenting on the posts and drop me mails and I shall reply to them as soon as I am back. Till then, Take Care :)

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Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask {Product Review}

I am definitely in love with the brand. Almost all of its products work so fabulously. And, I would love to try more of them. So, lets check out how this worked for me?

Price: 13.25 Pounds (Rs 1000 approx) for 75ml

The sponges are made up of 100% cellulose
I love the packaging. The whole thing came in a zip pouch as you can see in the pic. Don't you just love it when you are treated special with such small considerations??? They sent two sponges two along with the mask to wash off the mask. 
the sponges get hard after being rinsed in water but nothing to worry about!!!
My Experience
Ok, so I look almost like Shrek when I have this on my face. As you can see, its a dirty green to grayish in color and smells weird, frankly. It is supposed to have rose-scented geranium but the smell is no where like rose and I don't know what Geranium smells like but it must be bad. The fragrance is also earthy and herbal which makes you feel good about the mask. And, the smell is not at all over-powering so no problems.

So, you are supposed to apply the mask in a generous layer after cleansing with Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and let it stay for 5-10 minutes before wiping it off. Well, I thought 5-10 minutes is pretty less so I let it stay for 15-20 minutes but actually you can wipe it off as soon as it dries. Now, the mask doesn't dry off like other clay masks and doesn't get hardened. It just dries off and makes the face a little stiff. That's it!! So, you will know its time to wipe it off. So, use the sponges given, take one in each hand and wring it in hot water and wipe off the mask. When the whole thing is gone, splash cool water on the face and follow with a moisturizer. 

So, how does it feel when the mask is on? Frankly, its awesome. It feels hot or warmed up to a comfortable extent (I don't know if its a psychological feeling) and the first time I used it, it did tingle for 2 minutes on my face but never again. And, if feels comfortable to keep it on so you will feel nice. The warmth feeling goes away after probably 4-5 minutes. And, boy, you do feel like its a deep cleansing mask you have applied on. You can actually feel it working. And, what's the skin like after washing off the mask?

Well, I would say nothing special. Yeah, I know. It cleanses the skin well but it doesn't make our face light like a bulb or something. Liz Earle has a separate mask for that. The skin looks exactly the same as before, just that its more dewy and soft and oil-free and may be plump too because it does look a little hydrated. The best part of the mask is that it is so good at removing the excess oils. It doesn't make my face dry or anything. In fact, I would say that the first time I applied the mask, I was disappointed to find not much difference in the face. But, next day, I observed that there was comparatively less oil production. And, with regular usage of the mask, my face does produce less oil but then the temperatures are also cooling off to be fair. And, also after removing the mask, your face feels pleasantly cool and whatever treatment you follow up after the mask is absorbed really quickly into the skin. And, since we are talking about Deep Cleansing, you would definitely want to know about blackheads and pores size. So, as I have shared with you, much of my blackheads problem was solved due to using Groundnut oil for cleansing, the remaining ones did get removed along with the mask. And, the pores size do get reduced but that effect is temporary. Overall, I am very happy with the mask.

My Recommendation
Yes, an unequivocal yes for all the oily and combination skin gals out there. It really works!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Announcement

Hi Everyone!!!
I wanted to appraise you of the little change I made in the RSS feeds of my blog. I have changed it from full page to keeping it short because of a sync problem when I was trying to make something else work. So, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience. I know how much everyone wants to read the posts in their mails without the extra work and I shall try to fix it ASAP.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes {Product Reviews}

I am not much fan of the wipes because I always feel they leave a slimy feeling on my face and they are full of chemicals which I find not very nice for my face and I prefer washing my face but sometimes, it becomes unavoidable to use these wipes. So, I bought a packet of the Himalaya Baby Wipes because they say they are extra soft.

Price: Rs 60 for 24 wipes (Rs 135 around for the bigger pack)


Just like all other wipes, you will find this to be a seal-able ones but I often think that this is not a very nice/hygienic packaging as air comes in contact with the wipes and bacteria can breed on the wet wipes and not always the seal goes properly so there is always a gap left if you are not careful allowing the air to go inside. That is one of the other reasons I don't like wipes. I think I would better get back to cotton only though using wipes is far more comfortable.

My Experience
The wipes are indeed soft. But, somehow, the wipes I am using presently are not as wet as they were in the earlier pack. I don't know how that is possible and it can also be that Himalaya has revamped the product. Anyways, the other thing is that the wipes are thinner and delicate when compared to Kara wipes. Thus, sometimes, the wipes also seem to get torn too when there is too much of product on my face.

Regarding the slimy feeling, I think one gets used to it if you use the wipes for over a period of time but then, there is not much of the solution on the wipes I am currently using so it is fine. The wipes, also, do not cause any itching or irritation on the skin and will suit sensitive skin too as this has been meant for the babies. That's a different issue that I will never use such things for my babies. This doesn't have alcohol so that's a plus factor but I think all the wipes these days come without alcohol. It also boasts of Lotus extracts but I have no idea how much that really helps.

One of the best things about these wipes is that it removes the makeup very nicely. I used it during my certain stupid experiments with the eye shadows and tried this and it worked beautifully. But, it can't remove kohl/kajal. I have no idea how it will work for water-proof makeup. Overall, I would say it is a good product despite its few shortcomings.

My Recommendation

Franc Essential Serum {Beauty Products}

Intense skin rescue: For dry, damaged, scarred or normal skin types
Instantly moisturises and brightens ageing skin. A premium, rejuvenating formula of emollients, antioxidants and beta-carotene to revitalise and bring new life to dry, tired and dehydrated skin. Protects against premature ageing and fine lines. Franc Serum boosts cell renewal and accelerates skin repair. The Serum is a rich cocktail of active essential oils including centella oil to increase collagen production, rosehip oil to encourage the regeneration and repair of scarred and wrinkled skin tissue and apricot kernel oil to nourish mature, inflamed or irritated skin.

Can also be used on normal skin types for prevent premature aging and fine lines
Great for sunburn and bites/skin irritations
Great to use after being out in the sun or on problem skin areas
Great for scarring of any type, even acne scarring (needs to be used regularly to see results)

Check out my experience with the serum here. The serum has been endorsed by Bali bombing survivor, Peter Hughes of the Peter Hughes Burn Foundation as being a successful product to reduce scarring caused by burns.  You can read more about PHBF here:

PS: Information provided by PR

Monday, October 17, 2011

Face Mask Sheets or Face Masks? {Your Opinion}

[Images taken from Google]
Guaranteed that face mask sheets are easy to use and less messy and best to use while traveling. And, I have used only two till day in my life and I can't help being curious to ask you all about your feedback with the experience with face mask sheets?? Do you really think its worth it or they really work?

For me, I would say that any day I would prefer face masks (either DIY or store-bought) than face mask sheets. Somehow, I can't feel that the liquid of the sheet penetrates the skin even if you keep the mask for half hour or more on your face and it does get tiring after a while too coz you have to lie down and close your eyes. Compared to that, the face masks are messy and need more work but I feel they really act on the skin directly and a part of the product does get absorbed and yield results. Well, this may be a personal prejudice too but I was just curious as to what you all think about it???

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam {Product Review}

I have been really excited about this product because of the carbon content in it and have been dying to try it out. And, of course, it wasn't available in the stores for quite a long time so when I came across this unexpectedly in Spencers, I grabbed it up. So, lets check if it was really worth that excitement?

Price: Rs 75 for 50 gms

As you can see, it has no SLS / SLES which is relief
It looks a cute and classy in its black packaging and draws attention. It has a flip top.

My Experience
As you can see the product has leaked out of the tube which is probably a disadvantage during travel
Well, I would say it has been both good and bad. As you all know, I am troubled with a very moody skin which is oily and dry both at its will and wish so I need a product which will take care of both these things. And, since the weather these days is cooling off and getting drier, that's definitely taking a toll on my skin. So, first time, I used the face wash, I saw that my face was neither dry nor stretchy and was completely clean. I could stay for a complete night without a moisturizer too. It did becomes stretchy after a while though but that's not really any face wash's fault. I am supposed to moisturize.

Now, the product is grayish in color and as with other face washes, it foams a lot in a very less product so you would really want to use less of the product every time coz a little more of the product does cause dryness. I noticed that. If I take a good amount of product, it does cause my skin to go dry and I have to moisturize immediately but if I stick with just a bit, my skin is very comfortable. And, regarding its ability to control the oiliness, I think oil doesn't come back for an hour or so. But, that's not something I really expected from this.  

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hair or Body - which is first? {Skin Care}

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I did a poll for a week asking "Whether you wash your Hair first or your Body"? So, the results were:
Hair - 79%
Body - 21%

So, what do you think? Are the 79% correct or the 21% people? 

Well, here goes my answer. One should always go top to bottom. That would ensure residual cleansing too. When we wash the hair, shampoo pours on the back and then, the conditioner and here I would like to stress that conditioner residue on the back is one of the major reasons for back acne. So, always make sure you wash off your conditioner before proceeding for further rituals. 

The reason I am writing this post is that even though I used to wash my hair before, I usually used to leave the conditioner to soak into the hair while I washed my face and body and then, when I was done with everything I used to wash off my conditioner. Then, one day it struck me that the residue of the conditioner doesn't get washed off till the next bath. No, I did not get any back acne but I do suffer from flaky skin on my back and I don't know how much that can be attributed to conditioner, though. But, it would be of prime importance for people who suffer from acne. Similar to breakouts on hairline and chin, back acne can also be attributed to hair products. So, next time, keep a check on such small things which can make a huge difference in the long run.

Pantene Total Damage Care Range {Beauty Products}

Shampoo and Conditioner [Reviews coming in due time]
Break the Vicious Cycle of unhealthy hair with Pantene Total Damage Control Range
According to researchers at Pantene, weakened damaged hair is a sign of a deeper underlying hair problem - the cycle of unhealthy hair. Inspired by this insight, Pantene has started to delve deeper into the cycle of unhealthy hair and introduced a superior range of hair care treatment - Pantene Total Damage Care. 

In particular, this regimen of Shampoo + Conditioner + Treatment protects your hair against split ends with a better conditioning system. The improved wet conditioning prevents tangles and breakage while the dry conditioning allows you to comb through with ease, protecting the cuticle from splitting due to friction and damaged cuticles. 

"With its various symptoms of lack of resilience, dullness, tangles and split ends, weakened hair is a common frustration among women, who may not realize that this stems from being trapped in a cycle of unhealthy hair. Without proper direct intervention in the form of an intensive rinse-off treatment that gives hair a protective layer in between washes, poor hair health will continually be perpetuated and reinforced", says Coleen Khan, P&G Beauty Hair Expert.

Pantene Total Damage Care Regimen
Pantene's Total Damage Care regimen is your one solution to 7 signs of hair damage. Offering protection against day-to-day damage inflicted on your hair, it helps protect your hair against split ends, dryness, roughness, dullness, weakness, brittleness and tangles, leaving your hair moisturized, stronger and visibly less damaged within 14 days. In particular, improved Pantene Total Damage Care Intensive Treatment stops the damage chain reaction, the true culprit behind the split ends, in its tracks.
  • Designed to provide the healthy foundation for your hair, Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo gently removes impurities from both the hair and scalp.
  • After shampooing, apply Pantene Total Damage Care Replenishing Conditioner which moisturizes and protects your cuticles to visibly reduce the 7 signs of hair damage. 
  • Use Pantene Total Damage Care Daily Deep Repair Rinse-Off Treatment next to smoothen out hair ends for healthy-looking, shiny hair, especially if you use mechanical appliances on your hair regularly. 
Pantene Bloggers Meet 
Pantene Bloggers Meet was held on 24th September in Mumbai which I couldn't attend. Anyways, check out some of the photographs of the event.
Coleen Khan
PS: Info sent by PR.
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