Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update on Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic {Product Review}

I was sent a small sample of this tonic some time back and I had reviewed it here. At that time, I had mentioned that the toner was heavy for my skin and probably a spray bottle would be helpful in controlling the amount of the product applied. So, consequently, Louise sent me the spritzer to try out. I have been using the spritzer since almost a month and I would like to update my experience accordingly. Before I write the review, I would like to mention this review is not for the benefit of the brand. Instead, I had missed out on certain salient points of the product in my earlier review so including them and sharing my experience with the spritzer. Check out the toner at the website.  


My Experience
Ok, so I have never used a toner before except for rose water. So, using this toner was very new for me and since I used it from the bottle directly, it always resulted in usage of more product and consequently it became very heavy for my skin. Using the spritzer was also a challenge for me in the starting coz I always used to spray it more thinking this little amount wouldn't be enough for the skin. But, controlling my urge, I gradually found out that only 3 sprays are more than enough for my face. And, after letting it dry for 2-3 minutes and following with Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer, my skin was extremely soft and looked radiant. I then used the toner with other products like Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream and Varnya and the result was equally good.

Now, coming to other aspects of the toner. The toner is alcohol free and is full of natural ingredients like aloevera and natural Vitamin E. The consistency of this toner is almost like water and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and keeps the skin supple. So, if I compare the ingredients of this toner with others available in the market, I would definitely go for this one even though the price is a bit on the higher side. Also, the toner would last quite a long while coz you need just 3-5 sprays at a time. One can use the spritzer during hot summer months to keep the face fresh and radiant or during air travel where moisture is sucked out due to the air conditioning. I had found other reviews about this toner and found them to be quite favorable and one lady had recommended this one for air travels specially. The toner fulfills the need for hydration of the skin without making it sticky if used int he right quantity. 

My Recommendation
Yes, absolutely!!! I know its costly but it is worth it and lasts quite a long time. 

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration. 

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