Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More about me and my skin care regime

About Me
  • Name : Swati Murti

  • Age : 25

  • Hobbies : Reading

  • Skin Type : Combination Skin tending towards dry

  • Skin Color : Wheat Brown

What made me start "Perfect Skin Care for you"?
I have very thin hair and in consequence, I started searching for hair care remedies online. That was back in July - August 2009 and it had become an obsession. That was when I came across the concept of beauty blogs and websites. The obsession continued till November of the same year to a very high measure. And, then, in December, it struck me that it would be helpful if I could share all the extensive knowledge I had gained in the past couple of months and "Perfect Skin Care for you" was born.

When did I start "Perfect Skin Care for you" and what it is about?
I started blogging on 14th December, 2009. I had started with the intention of writing about natural skin and hair care topics and health was a subject closely related. And, very recently in January 2011, I have started doing product reviews.

What do I think is most important step in skin care regime?
Hydration. Keeping skin hydrated and supple makes it look young and healthy. So, hydrating the skin at every step is very important. 

My Skin Care Regime in a Nutshell
I don't have a very elaborated routine. I stick to the basics most of the time because of my laziness. Cleansing out the sunscreen is what I believe most essential. Then, I hydrate my skin with the toner. I take the toner in my palm and pat it onto my skin instead of using cotton pads or squirting it on my face. This helps in increasing the blood circulation.And, follow it with oil. Any facial oil or almond or coconut oil would do for me because my skin loves oils.

What are the 5 most important things in my bag?
I don't use makeup so you will find only skin care products in my bag. First will always be a lip balm, of course. Others include an all-purpose moisturizer, sunscreen, a face wash and a face spray.  

My favorite DIY 
Since I am a big fan of DIY remedies, I would like to end this post with my favorite DIY recipe. Its a homemade scrub which improves the hydration levels of the skin - sugar + salt + honey in equal quantities.

PS: This post is a part of the "Dove Diaries" section on which is sponsored by Dove.

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