Thursday, August 25, 2011

Masks on wet skin {Tip of the Day}

Hey All!!! 

Today I want to share a tip which I have been trying out since quite some time. As you are already aware that moisturizer should be applied on damp skin for better results, I tried applying masks on damp skin too. Damp skin is more absorbent and this way, I suppose, skin is able to retain more moisture than otherwise. So, next time you apply a mask, try it out on wet skin and don't forget to remove the mask before it dries up completely. As I have already mentioned this point in one of my previous posts, face masks (clay ones and ones which completely dry out) should be removed befre they completely dry out. The reason is that they suck moisture due to the reverse osmosis if they lose their moisture. So, try applying masks on a damp skin and remove them before they completely dry out and do share your experiences :)

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