Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hydration for Hair {Hair Care}

Rule 1 for Hair Care: Constantly hydrate your hair. 
One of the very basic principle of hair care is to keep your hydrated at all times. Dry hair is prone to damage and same goes with excessively oily hair. Oily hair is just excess in oil which is also harmful for the hair as it might cause excess buildup on the scalp and hair and of course, you need to wash your hair regularly to get rid of the grease. So, let us return to hydration of hair. If you want to keep your hair in optimal health, go for regular hydrating treatments. A hair spa is a good indulgence which will bring a lot of life to your hair too. And, whipping up various home remedies is also not such a bad option. Make it a routine to treat your hair at least once a week to a hydrating treatment whether its a hair mask from the brands or a homemade one.

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