Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hair Products and Hair {Hair Care}

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Since it's been a long time I have written anything about hair and the situation I am going to talk about is something I have been facing recently so I will begin with asking a question - how many hair products do you use on your hair? Well, no the today's topic is not exactly this. I am going to talk about the myth that changing hair products frequently reduces the build up and keeps the hair shiny.

Well, from my personal experience, I don't really think it is true. The chemicals might end up coating each other on the hair instead of cleaning each other. Anyways, the best way to remove residue is to use baking soda or Apple Cider Vinegar. So, moving on from residue issue, the product cycle change is also advised coz the hair may get bored of the same products being used and stops behaving nicely after sometime. So, firstly, hair is a dead body part so it doesn't have a mind of its own that it will behave and stop behaving at will. Ok, one might say that products stop affecting the hair. May be its not the fault of the products but ours. Every product affects the hair differently so a major difference is visible in the first usage, consequently with the uses, the difference reduces because the hair is behaving in accordance with the product.

But, there is a major downfall to using and jumping on various brand wagons. Hair loses its own strength if you treat it with different products every time. So, sticking to one single product is a better idea. I have lately observed that people who stick to the same product for quite a lot of years have good amount of well-behaved hair. The problem arises only when one starts to experiment for the want of better products. Well, that did happen in my case. So, my advice to all of you is to stick to the products which have worked best for your hair and stop changing them often. It is not good for hair at all. 

And, the products I am talking about includes everything starting from the hair oils to the serums and other styling products you use. Shampoos and conditioners are the most often changed products and there should be a control over that too. Don't worry if your shampoo contains SLS / SLES coz there are hardly any products in the market without them including Lush and most of them do not work well with the hair. So, stick to your own shampoo whether its Pantene, Garnier or Dove and when combined with the home remedies and their corresponding conditioners, they yield good results. If you want to try salon products, I would suggest Kerastese which are costly but work really well with the hair. 

The reason I have written this post is that lately in the last few months, I had changed my shampoos pretty often from Biotique to Meera to Sunsilk to Dove and my hair has definitely suffered the consequences so I would really like to suggest you all not to make the same mistake. 

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