Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dried Rose Petals {Ingredient}

We all know the beauty uses of rose. I had even published a post on how to make Rose Milk at home which was a failed experiment but the result was great. Shall post the one which I was trying actually when I succeed. So, I just wanted to share this little thing. 

My mother has a very old habit of collecting the withered roses from the plant and dry them so I have a huge amount of dried rose petals. You could also try that out next time your garden is full of roses. My mom collects only red and maroon roses, btw, and sometimes pink. Well, you might be aware that only red roses are used for extracting rose oil or preparing its essential oil or even while making fragrances. So, collecting and storing dried rose petals are really beneficial coz you can use them in any DIY's and since these are dehydrated, you can also make oils and your own fragrances with rose infusions. Roses are among the very few flowers you can store otherwise most of them just rot if you try to dry them :( And, I love pressing roses in between the books. That seems romantic though it might be cruel for the flowers but the flowers look best in the garden and no where else.So, next time you see a withered rose, you might think of using it for your beauty routines.

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