Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More about me and my skin care regime

About Me
  • Name : Swati Murti

  • Age : 25

  • Hobbies : Reading

  • Skin Type : Combination Skin tending towards dry

  • Skin Color : Wheat Brown

What made me start "Perfect Skin Care for you"?
I have very thin hair and in consequence, I started searching for hair care remedies online. That was back in July - August 2009 and it had become an obsession. That was when I came across the concept of beauty blogs and websites. The obsession continued till November of the same year to a very high measure. And, then, in December, it struck me that it would be helpful if I could share all the extensive knowledge I had gained in the past couple of months and "Perfect Skin Care for you" was born.

When did I start "Perfect Skin Care for you" and what it is about?
I started blogging on 14th December, 2009. I had started with the intention of writing about natural skin and hair care topics and health was a subject closely related. And, very recently in January 2011, I have started doing product reviews.

What do I think is most important step in skin care regime?
Hydration. Keeping skin hydrated and supple makes it look young and healthy. So, hydrating the skin at every step is very important. 

My Skin Care Regime in a Nutshell
I don't have a very elaborated routine. I stick to the basics most of the time because of my laziness. Cleansing out the sunscreen is what I believe most essential. Then, I hydrate my skin with the toner. I take the toner in my palm and pat it onto my skin instead of using cotton pads or squirting it on my face. This helps in increasing the blood circulation.And, follow it with oil. Any facial oil or almond or coconut oil would do for me because my skin loves oils.

What are the 5 most important things in my bag?
I don't use makeup so you will find only skin care products in my bag. First will always be a lip balm, of course. Others include an all-purpose moisturizer, sunscreen, a face wash and a face spray.  

My favorite DIY 
Since I am a big fan of DIY remedies, I would like to end this post with my favorite DIY recipe. Its a homemade scrub which improves the hydration levels of the skin - sugar + salt + honey in equal quantities.

PS: This post is a part of the "Dove Diaries" section on which is sponsored by Dove.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Water for Lips {Lip Care}

Ok, so summers are gone and monsoons are already raging down on us. And, places which are cooler and highly humid come with another disadvantage. You forget to drink water because the thirst is not felt so much as much as in scorching heat. So, it is very important that you keep on sipping water little by little every one hour so that you don't go dry because it will affect your health first and then the skin, hair and lips show the signs of dryness. Lip becomes dry very easily when you don't drink enough water so make sure before applying your favorite lip balms or lip treatments, you are drinking enough water.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Almond Oil for Neck Wrinkles {DIY}

I have always felt that neck lines can't be got rid of except for doing face exercises daily and keeping the neck straight so that there is no crease. But, sometime back, I used almond oil for moisturizing my face and neck and observed that my neck lines were gone in probably 3-4 days. So, if you have the same problem you could give the almond oil a try!!! If you are afraid that the oil might break you out, then you could try using the oil only on the neck. I had been using the Rogan Badam oil which I had talked about quite a long back.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hydration for Hair {Hair Care}

Rule 1 for Hair Care: Constantly hydrate your hair. 
One of the very basic principle of hair care is to keep your hydrated at all times. Dry hair is prone to damage and same goes with excessively oily hair. Oily hair is just excess in oil which is also harmful for the hair as it might cause excess buildup on the scalp and hair and of course, you need to wash your hair regularly to get rid of the grease. So, let us return to hydration of hair. If you want to keep your hair in optimal health, go for regular hydrating treatments. A hair spa is a good indulgence which will bring a lot of life to your hair too. And, whipping up various home remedies is also not such a bad option. Make it a routine to treat your hair at least once a week to a hydrating treatment whether its a hair mask from the brands or a homemade one.

Miss Universe 2011 Gallery 3

Miss Universe 2011 Gallery 2

Miss Universe 2011 Gallery 1

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dry Skin around Lips {Lip Care}

Today only I noticed white spots on the skin around my lips. The skin around my lips has becomes extremely dry and is starting to flake off. I suddenly remembered that this is a sign of deficiency of Vitamin B complex in the body. So, in case you have dry skin around your lips, increase your intake of Vitamin B - either get supplements ny consulting a doctor or eat Vitamin B rich foods like bananas, pulses and lentils, all unprocessed foods including vegetables and fruits, potatoes and beans. This biotin drink also helps in fulfilling the vitamin B deficiency so check it out. Also, increase your consumption of yogurt in general.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tap the Toner {Tip of the Day}

Ok, so using toners is a very prevalent custom and there are various methods of using a toner. You might use a cotton to apply it on your skin or spray it on your face directly so as to avoid wastage of the product. But, I found the best method to be cupping the palm and pouring the toner onto the palm and then tapping it into the skin. Pat the skin hard like you are slapping the face. This improves blood circulation and allows the toner to get absorbed quickly. I have been using the pouring method since I had been sent the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic in the small bottle and as usual I found that the cotton was drinking up most of the product so I started pouring it onto my palm and then applying it on my face. And, I picked up the patting of the toner from Sesame's blog. She did a post on how to apply the skin care products which is extremely awesome.

Miss World Philippines 2011 List of Candidates


a.k.a Chloe Dauden of Deal or No Deal



Age: 24

Region: Quezon City

Height: 5’6”

Vital Statistics: 34-26-35.5


Age: 19

Region: Mabalacat, Pampanga

Height: 5’6 ½”

Vital Statistics: 31-24.5-33.5


Age: 23

Region: Davao City

Height: 5’6 ¾”

Vital Statistics: 33.5-25.75-35.5


Age: 19

Region: Puerto Princesa

Height: 5’6”

Vital Statistics: 35-26-24.5


Age: 20

Region: Cebu City

Height: 5’7”

Vital Statistics: 33-26-36


Age: 22

Region: Toledo City, Cebu

Height: 5’8”

Vital Statistics: 33.5-28.5-36


Age: 23

Region: Quezon City

Height: 5’8 ¼”

Vital Statistics: 35-25.5-35


Age: 23

Region: General Santos City

Height: 5’7”

Vital Statistics: 31.5-26-34


Age: 24

Region: Parañaque City

Height: 5’7 ¼”

Vital Statistics: 32-24-34


Age: 21

Region: Angeles City, Pampanga

Height: 5’8”

Vital Statistics: 33-25-35


Age: 21

Region: Camarines Norte

Height: 5’8”

Vital Statistics: 33.5-25.5-35


Age: 19

Region: Naga City

Height: 5’9 ¾”

Vital Statistics: 32-26.5-36


Age: 21

Region: Muntinlupa City

Height: 5’11”

Vital Statistics: 36.5-27-37.5


Age: 23

Region: Zamboanga City

Height: 5’9 ¾”

Vital Statistics: 31-26-36.5


Age: 21

Region: Valenzuela City

Height: 5’8 ½”

Vital Statistics: 36-28.5-37.5


Age: 22

Region: Angeles City, Pampanga

Height: 5’9 ½”

Vital Statistics: 32-27-35.5


Age: 18

Region: Taguig

Height: 5’7 ¾ ”

Vital Statistics: 35.5-27.5-37


Age: 22

Region: Mandaue, Cebu City

Height: 5’7 ½ ”

Vital Statistics: 34-28-35.5


Age: 17

Region: Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Height: 5’7 ¾ ”

Vital Statistics: 31.5-27-35


Age: 19

Region: Pasay City

Height: 5’7 ¾ ”

Vital Statistics: 33-25-34


Age: 20

Region: Camarines Sur, Bicol

Height: 5’7”

Vital Statistics: 33-25.5-36


Age: 22

Region: Nueva Ecija

Height: 5’6 ½ ”

Vital Statistics: 35-26.5-36.5


Age: 23

Region: Baguio City

Height: 5’5 ¾ ”

Vital Statistics: 30.5-24-34.5


Age: 22

Region: San Fernando, Pampanga

Height: 5’6”

Vital Statistics: 32.5-24.5-35


Age: 22

Region: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 5’6”

Vital Statistics: 33.5-24.5-35

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Masks on wet skin {Tip of the Day}

Hey All!!! 

Today I want to share a tip which I have been trying out since quite some time. As you are already aware that moisturizer should be applied on damp skin for better results, I tried applying masks on damp skin too. Damp skin is more absorbent and this way, I suppose, skin is able to retain more moisture than otherwise. So, next time you apply a mask, try it out on wet skin and don't forget to remove the mask before it dries up completely. As I have already mentioned this point in one of my previous posts, face masks (clay ones and ones which completely dry out) should be removed befre they completely dry out. The reason is that they suck moisture due to the reverse osmosis if they lose their moisture. So, try applying masks on a damp skin and remove them before they completely dry out and do share your experiences :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dried Rose Petals {Ingredient}

We all know the beauty uses of rose. I had even published a post on how to make Rose Milk at home which was a failed experiment but the result was great. Shall post the one which I was trying actually when I succeed. So, I just wanted to share this little thing. 

My mother has a very old habit of collecting the withered roses from the plant and dry them so I have a huge amount of dried rose petals. You could also try that out next time your garden is full of roses. My mom collects only red and maroon roses, btw, and sometimes pink. Well, you might be aware that only red roses are used for extracting rose oil or preparing its essential oil or even while making fragrances. So, collecting and storing dried rose petals are really beneficial coz you can use them in any DIY's and since these are dehydrated, you can also make oils and your own fragrances with rose infusions. Roses are among the very few flowers you can store otherwise most of them just rot if you try to dry them :( And, I love pressing roses in between the books. That seems romantic though it might be cruel for the flowers but the flowers look best in the garden and no where else.So, next time you see a withered rose, you might think of using it for your beauty routines.

Why Besan works? {DIY}

Have you ever wondered how besan is able to clean the skin? The answer is very simple. It has high content of saponins - the same thing present in reetha or soapnuts. The very reason makes the mung dal or green gram dal which is a major ingredient of sunnipindi equally or even more effective than besan in cleaning the skin. So, washing skin with besan or sunnipindi regularly ensures your skin is receiving no harmful or harsh chemicals and the skin is cleansed effectively too. Mixing it with milk which has lactic acid makes the cleansing process even more effective ensuring your skin is on the same time getting AHA (very famously known as Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) which is mild enough to be used on the skin everyday and protects the skin from free radicals and other skin-damaging agents. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hair Products and Hair {Hair Care}

Hey All!!!

Since it's been a long time I have written anything about hair and the situation I am going to talk about is something I have been facing recently so I will begin with asking a question - how many hair products do you use on your hair? Well, no the today's topic is not exactly this. I am going to talk about the myth that changing hair products frequently reduces the build up and keeps the hair shiny.

Well, from my personal experience, I don't really think it is true. The chemicals might end up coating each other on the hair instead of cleaning each other. Anyways, the best way to remove residue is to use baking soda or Apple Cider Vinegar. So, moving on from residue issue, the product cycle change is also advised coz the hair may get bored of the same products being used and stops behaving nicely after sometime. So, firstly, hair is a dead body part so it doesn't have a mind of its own that it will behave and stop behaving at will. Ok, one might say that products stop affecting the hair. May be its not the fault of the products but ours. Every product affects the hair differently so a major difference is visible in the first usage, consequently with the uses, the difference reduces because the hair is behaving in accordance with the product.

But, there is a major downfall to using and jumping on various brand wagons. Hair loses its own strength if you treat it with different products every time. So, sticking to one single product is a better idea. I have lately observed that people who stick to the same product for quite a lot of years have good amount of well-behaved hair. The problem arises only when one starts to experiment for the want of better products. Well, that did happen in my case. So, my advice to all of you is to stick to the products which have worked best for your hair and stop changing them often. It is not good for hair at all. 

And, the products I am talking about includes everything starting from the hair oils to the serums and other styling products you use. Shampoos and conditioners are the most often changed products and there should be a control over that too. Don't worry if your shampoo contains SLS / SLES coz there are hardly any products in the market without them including Lush and most of them do not work well with the hair. So, stick to your own shampoo whether its Pantene, Garnier or Dove and when combined with the home remedies and their corresponding conditioners, they yield good results. If you want to try salon products, I would suggest Kerastese which are costly but work really well with the hair. 

The reason I have written this post is that lately in the last few months, I had changed my shampoos pretty often from Biotique to Meera to Sunsilk to Dove and my hair has definitely suffered the consequences so I would really like to suggest you all not to make the same mistake. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turmeric for Acne {DIY}

A long time back I had done a post on home remedies for acne. So, I had a recent outbreak of cystic acne (I suppose coz it was painful and had a white head) and I decided it was better to suppress it before it became a fully blown acne which has to treated properly by a dermatologist. So, consequently, I tried the first remedy which came to my head - Turmeric. 

  • Turmeric
  • Water / Mineral Water
Mix them both so that it forms a smooth lotion and apply a layer on the spot of acne. Keep it on for a minimum time of 10 - 15 minutes or as long as you can. Wash it off. 

Well, I used this remedy once in a day before having bath. I kept it on for 10 - 15 minutes usually and then washed it off with face wash. I did this for around 2 days before it started showing any difference and after that, the acne started to dry up and subsided completely within a week. I used this as a spot treatment and the results were pretty good so next time you get an outbreak, you might want to test this one. Since turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with problem skin.  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Snowberry wins Discover Beauty Award {Press Release}

Premium anti-ageing skin care brand Snowberry received the Discover Beauty Award at Cosmoprof USA this month.

In this, the largest cosmetics trade show in the US calendar, just 17 new brands from around the world were selected to be part of Discover Beauty, a Cosmoprof programme to identify the most innovative brands most likely to succeed in the highly competitive US market.

The selected brands were judged on creativity, innovation and market readiness by buyers from specialty retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, C.O. Bigelow, Henri Bendel and HSN as well as various beauty bloggers including, and

The 2011 Discover Beauty Award winner, Snowberry from New Zealand was announced at the Discover Beauty Party at MIX in THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. This natural, but highly functional anti-aging skin care line is full of peptides, antioxidants, super fruits, and the finest herbal oils, including extracts from New Zealand rain forest plants cultivated on Snowberry's plantation.

Receiving the Award, Snowberry founder Soraya Hendesi said she believed the Award recognised a brand that is visually appealing as well as one that does not stint on offering women extraordinarily rich skin care products.

“We have customers all around the world who say how much they love the Snowberry brand. But it is much more important to me when they tell me how much their skin has improved. I have never been interested in skin care that compromises or pretends. I want the finest known anti-ageing bio-actives, and I want all of them. I want Snowberry to benefit every woman’s skin, every single day, for her lifetime.”

Snowberry launched in Germany; is represented in the UK, The Netherlands and Scandinavia, and this year is entering Italy, Korea, and China, and now the USA.

The Discover Beauty Award is Snowberry’s third international award in two years. Last year Snowberry won the prestigious Silver Dieline for best packaging and branding in Chicago, and was Runner Up Favourite Brand at Beyond Beauty at Cosmeeting in Paris.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tela Beauty Organics Phyto Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blowout {Press Release}

Tela Beauty Organics, LLC, a luxury organic hair care company dedicated to creating USDA Certified organic performance hair and body care products, announced today the launch of Tela Beauty Organics Phyto Keratin Smoothing Treatment BLOW OUT! by Philip Pelusi, a formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing hair treatment that contains 85% USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

Philip Pelusi, celebrity stylist, CEO and Founder of Tela Beauty Organics -a performance based hair care line comprised of shampoos, conditioners, styling products complete with USDA Certified Organic and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic approval standards, is proud to launch BLOW OUT! and its groundbreaking formula, containing Hydro-Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex, during his 45th milestone year as beauty industry leader, product innovator, stylist, educator, and multiple salon owner.

BLOW OUT! contains NO Formaldehyde and NO Formaldehyde Derivatives; NO Aldehydes, NO harsh chemicals, NO irritating fumes or odors, AND is Sulfate, Paraben free with Allergen Free Fragrance.

Philip Pelusi's revolutionary Hydro-Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex, Patent Pending is a potent strengthening and moisture binding plant ceramide complex that repairs, strengthens and reconstitutes hair's inner structure with its lipid hydration system.

Tela Phyto-Keratin Micro-Emulsion, also designed and innovated by Pelusi, deeply conditions and penetrates hair with moisture-based plant derived amino acids, natural fruit acids, and betaine.

Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment BLOW OUT! also contains Pelusi's proprietary USDA Certified Organic Regenerating Blend: Organic Horsetail, Organic Reishi Mushroom, Organic Sprouted Soy, Organic Aloe, Organic Lavender, Organic Bilberry; and Organic Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple. Plus, organic cuticle sealers and shine enhancers Organic Orange and Lemon.

Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment BLOW OUT! eliminates frizz and leaves hair smoother and shinier for approximately 4-6 weeks. Hair is dramatically restored, renewed, healthier, stronger, silky, shiny and lustrous. This semi-permanent organic treatment does not alter the hair's chemistry. It actually leaves it stronger rather than weakening its internal structure.

BLOW OUT! is a hair smoother and rejuvenating treatment in one! So gentle that it can and should be used immediately after a hair color service to seal in color and improve hair fabric's condition.

The Tela Design Studio by Philip Pelusi in New York City is the first official hair studio to offer BLOW OUT! to its clients as a salon service. The Tela Design Studio is an expression of Philip Pelusi's life long passion for healthy hair and organic beauty.

Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment BLOW OUT is being distributed to select salons and spas across the United States.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip Butter {Product Review}

Price: 125 INR for 10 gms

Well, I am really sorry that I threw away my pack but I remember reading the list and admiring few things in it. It has cocoa and sal and kokum butter. In fact the list was full of oils and butters and it also has beeswax and it is free from petroleum which is a huge plus for this product. 

My Experience
I have been using this since quite a long while (probably around 3 weeks). My biggest complain with this one is its packaging. I would have enjoyed this lip balm had it been in the tube or packaged just like Nivea lip balms because of hygiene and also because of the ease of use of the product. It pretty easy to use the tube on the lips as compared to digging into the tub and scooping it out and then smoothing it on the lips. Apart from this, I would say that the lip balm delivers what it promises. I use this on my lips on the days when I am at home or at night and it keeps my lips soft. Ok, there is probably another thing. The product is moisturizing but it sits on the lips. Well, this is a problem I face with every other lip balm I have tried (including Vaseline, Nivea and Baviphat) so I wouldn't say this lip balm fails on this point. And, of course, you have to apply it every time you eat or drink anything otherwise it stays for minimum of 3-4 hours. But, this lip balm doesn't dry the lips like some others do. And, this smells really awesome. But, the smells lingers on for a long time after you have applied so if you have a sensitive nose then it might irritate you after a certain while. And, regarding the quantity, it will last a long time.        
My Recommendation
Yes, it is a good lip balm to keep the lips soft and to prevent chapped lips problem.

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

Lotus Herbals announced the “Lotus Beauty Star- Esthetician of the year Award” {Press Release}

 Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director Lotus Herbals, with the first Prize winner Ms. Kalpana Rathore, Benher Beauty Salon, Lucknow
Lotus Herbals Professional, the professional skin care brand from Lotus Herbals Ltd., hosted the ‘Lotus Beauty Carnival’, India’s First Professional Beauty Congress, at the luxurious Marriott Resort and Spa, in Goa, recently. The nation’s leading estheticians and salon owners celebrated their success at a dazzling awards function which was the main attraction of the event. The glitzy event witnessed a power packed musical performance by the renowned bollywood singer Akriti Kakkad and a troupe of dancers who mesmerized the crowd with their power packed performance.
Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales, Lotus Herbals and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director, Lotus Herbals, with the first runner up  Ms. Rashmi Mishra, Rashmi Beauty Parlor, Rourkela
The ‘Lotus Beauty Carnival 2011’was a celebration of the “Lotus Beauty Star – Esthetician of the Year Contest 2010-11”. This innovative contest was initiated on September 1st, 2010 and carried on till March 31st, 2011. The contest received a tremendous response with more than 1500 enrolments from estheticians and salons across India and Nepal who participated in this contest.
 Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director Lotus Herbals, with the second runner up.Mr. Ashok Kumar, Cloud 9, Dehradun
Adding glamour to the “LOTUS BEAUTY STAR 2010-11 Awards” function was television super star Mona Singh of Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi fame, who announced the names of the winners. The awards were divided into two categories, Awards for National winners and Awards for City winners and were given away by Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales, Lotus Herbals and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director, Lotus Herbals. The first prize, in the national awards category, was won by Ms. Kalpana Rathore of Benher Beauty Salon, Lucknow who got a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000. The first runner up was Ms. Rashmi Mishra, Rashmi Beauty Parlor, Rourkela who got a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and the second runner up was Mr. Ashok Kumar, Cloud 9 salon, Dehradun got a cash prize of Rs 25,000. Apart from these winners, awards were given to the first city winners from the participating cities across the country.

 Bollywood Singer Akriti Kakkad performing at the Lotus Beauty Star Awards night at the Marriott Resort and Spa, Goa on 26th July 2011

The “Lotus Beauty Carnival” and the “Lotus Beauty Star- Esthetician of the Year Award” is yet another testament to Lotus Herbals commitment to be a driving force in the professional beauty care industry in India.
Television Super Star, Mona Singh, announcing the names of the winners at the Lotus Beauty Star Awards night, at the Mariott Resort and Spa, Goa on 26th July 2011
About Lotus Herbals
Lotus Herbals Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality natural cosmetics based on the 5000 years old science of Ayurveda. An ISO 9001 (2000) certified company, Lotus Herbals follows strict manufacturing processes as per GMP. Lotus Herbals retail range reaches 125 cities and towns through 8 branch offices and 400 distributors. The brand is currently available at over 45,000 leading retail outlets including Departmental and chain stores across India.

Lotus Herbals’ professional division currently serves 85 cities through 110 distributors with world class technical products, education and services reaching over 5,400 beauty salons and spas.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update on Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic {Product Review}

I was sent a small sample of this tonic some time back and I had reviewed it here. At that time, I had mentioned that the toner was heavy for my skin and probably a spray bottle would be helpful in controlling the amount of the product applied. So, consequently, Louise sent me the spritzer to try out. I have been using the spritzer since almost a month and I would like to update my experience accordingly. Before I write the review, I would like to mention this review is not for the benefit of the brand. Instead, I had missed out on certain salient points of the product in my earlier review so including them and sharing my experience with the spritzer. Check out the toner at the website.  


My Experience
Ok, so I have never used a toner before except for rose water. So, using this toner was very new for me and since I used it from the bottle directly, it always resulted in usage of more product and consequently it became very heavy for my skin. Using the spritzer was also a challenge for me in the starting coz I always used to spray it more thinking this little amount wouldn't be enough for the skin. But, controlling my urge, I gradually found out that only 3 sprays are more than enough for my face. And, after letting it dry for 2-3 minutes and following with Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer, my skin was extremely soft and looked radiant. I then used the toner with other products like Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream and Varnya and the result was equally good.

Now, coming to other aspects of the toner. The toner is alcohol free and is full of natural ingredients like aloevera and natural Vitamin E. The consistency of this toner is almost like water and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and keeps the skin supple. So, if I compare the ingredients of this toner with others available in the market, I would definitely go for this one even though the price is a bit on the higher side. Also, the toner would last quite a long while coz you need just 3-5 sprays at a time. One can use the spritzer during hot summer months to keep the face fresh and radiant or during air travel where moisture is sucked out due to the air conditioning. I had found other reviews about this toner and found them to be quite favorable and one lady had recommended this one for air travels specially. The toner fulfills the need for hydration of the skin without making it sticky if used int he right quantity. 

My Recommendation
Yes, absolutely!!! I know its costly but it is worth it and lasts quite a long time. 

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Donald Trump and the Beauty Queens Pictorials

Rosanna Purcell of Ireland, Marigona Dragusha of Albania, Chloe Mortaud of France, Shandi Finnessey of the U.S. and Justine Pasek

Rosanna Purcell of Ireland, Susie Castillo of the U.S. , Shandi Finnessey of the U.S. , Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic, Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela, Justine Pasek of Panama, and Riyo Mori of Japan

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Will be MIA!!!

Hey guys!!
This post is just to inform you all that I am indefinitely going offline and I am not sure when I will put up my next post. It was a great experience talking to you all and I do hope I am able to come back.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Interview with Miss Finland Universe 2011, Pia Pakarinen!

DELEGATE NAME: Pia Pakarinen


1.Tell us something that many people don't know about you.
I love Finnish sauna. I even have my own at my home in the city apartment.

2. What's inside your bag right now?
My wallet, perfume, business cards of mine, calendar, mobile phone and some make-up stuff.

3. Name three things you can't live without.
I can´t live without my relatives, mobilephone and calendar

4. If you are given three wishes, what would it be and why?
I would stop the climate change, end the wars and to give everybody drinkable water. All these things make the world a better place for everyone.

5. Describe the town where you grew up.
I was born in Juuka. It´s a very small town in Eastern Finland. There is about 5000 inhabitant at the moment. My childhood home was a lovely old and big house that used to be a school before. We had lot of animals like cats, dogs, hens, ducks, sheep and rabbits. I spent my days taking care and playing with them.

6. Tell us about your fashion sense & style.
Because my work is in public I must follow the fashion trends, trying to find there something is suitable for me. I like nice feminine style with a bit of glamour.

7. Any beauty secrets that you would like to share the readers of Missosology?
Pay attention your eating habits. I think that you are what you eat. I like to eat healthy and organic food.

8. What is your worst quality?
Sometimes I´m too pedantic and seeking perfection.

9. In a sea of beautiful universal women that shall set foot in Brazil, what would make you stand out?
I´m proud that I´m presenting Finland. Like other countries we also have our special culture, language, maners and nature. Those things made me to be who I am and a special one. I’m confident with myself and my backround and I think that power I ‘ve got inside of me lights out for everyone who wants to see it.

10. What's the biggest mistake that you've made in your life and what did you do to make it right?
I can’t name any major mistakes I’ve done in my life. Of course there is plenty of smaller mistakes like everyone that I’ve made. I try to keep thinking that mistakes are for learning and without them You can’t grow up as a person.

11. Any message for your Missosology Fans?
Thank you for the support, please keep supporting me in Brazil! :) Big kisses for everybody around the world!

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