Sunday, July 3, 2011

Update on Lush Caca Noir {Product Review}

I had posted my experience with Lush Caca Noir in April. Now, that I have colored my hair with Wella Kolestint too so I think I have revised my opinion on the Noir. Well, this change of heart was due to the difference in my hair texture after using the natural and chemicals hair dyes. So, I guess, you already know who is the winner :D

So, the second part of the story goes like this. I have already told you all in my update on Wella Kolestint that I felt my hair was a bit rougher after the coloring job and I wasn't so much in awe of the color. I did like the color when I took the snap in sunlight but I myself couldn't see the color without sunlight so it really was nothing on my hair and I was irritated of the straw-feeling hair. So finally, I did a research on whether you can use Henna on chemically processed hair. And, the answer is a YES!!! I am pretty sure many would be happy to hear that. BUT wait, there is a catch here. You have to be completely sure that the Henna is 100% natural otherwise your hair will end up fried :O No one wants that!!!
So, fortunately for me, one block of Caca Noir was left unused with me so I went ahead and tried it out. I can say that my hair is a lot softer and of course shinier and this time I had mixed my Caca with beetroot :D I wanted to experiment. So, the result was somewhat like this. 
my hair color after Wella in sunlight
my hair color after using Noir in sunlight (first wash)
after second wash
Personally, I like the Noir result better coz the difference in shine and texture is instantly visible.

My Revised Recommendation
If you love Henna, you should definitely go for it. Don't be afraid to go for Noir coz it gives a beautiful raven black hair which looks really awesome but you gotta apply Noir pretty frequently for that which is a downside. But, then you can explore other Cacas too. Yes, it is a luxury but this is for all who want to color their hair but are afraid of chemicals or face scalp problems. Better waste money on this that burn your scalps with the chemical dyes. Learnt it the hard way, trust me!!!

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