Saturday, July 30, 2011

Turmeric for Sore Throat {DIY}

Ok, so this is such an awesome and super quick remedy that I have become a big fan of turmeric now. As I told you that I am suffering from cold and I had this sore throat a few days back which I had to treat super quick, so I was just googling for remedies and then I came across this and tried out. And, it worked like a charm!!! So, if you get a sore throat ever, you should definitely try out this remedy before you go to anything else (even medicines and a doc). We have been trying out turmeric for skin, now try for sore throats.

  • Hot water (preferably as hot as you can drink without burning your throat and blistering your tongue)
  • Table spoon of Turmeric
  • Honey (optional)
Mix all the three and drink as fast a possible. Or, better, take large gulps of the drink. Trust me, its not very tasty so I had put honey too and honey is also said to be good for throat. I had taken it twice - once in the night and another in the morning and I was sweating all night and in the morning, my throat pain was considerably better. I think this drink helps with fever too but I am not very sure but I was sweating really badly so guess you can try this for fever too. 

If you take my advise, I think one should take this drink the moment person feels the irritation in the throat which comes as a sign of cold. I think that would stop the cold then and there coz bearing full cold is really tedious.

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