Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remedy for Sunburn {Reader's Tip}

So, Tanveer posted this remedy as a response to my post yesterday on "How to treat Sunburns?".
"I find applying either a 10% vitamin c soln or a zinc oxide cream brings down the redness inflammation quite rapidly"
You can read this post on how to make a 10% Vitamin C solution on Tanveer's blog and for a Zinc Oxide cream, she uses Rashfree by Pfizer which was recommended by a dermatologist so if you are suffering from any skin problems or are already on medication or something, you should consult a dermatologist before starting with any cream of drug grade.

Btw, just sharing what I know. Zinc Oxide is found in Boroline cream too but the quantity is only 3% so I am not really sure how much it helps with sunburns. Or, it is also found in Lactocalamine. Ok, not that these will help with sunburns but the two easily available products with zinc oxide in them. And, I have tried to get the powdered zinc oxide from the medical stores but it wasn't so easy. So, in case you might just ask them for a cosmetic graded zinc oxide.

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