Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Facewash {Product Review}

This is one of my few products from Lakme. I am not much fan of it but then who can resist interesting colors and new products. So, the color of the packaging is really nice. 

Price: 80 INR for 50 gms


My Experience
This is a normal face wash. Foams a lot so a tiny bit is enough. I have a combination skin and this one doesn't really dry the skin nor does it make it oily but the oil returns within an hour of washing the face so not much help there. Regarding the fairness claim, I would say that it instantly brightens the face and the brightening effect doesn't really go away so if you regularly use it, you might find the face is little brightened. But, as to the fairness claim, it doesn't really lighten the skin tone in case you are wondering. And, it doesn't even remove tanning which is even worse. So, it is a normal face wash which can be used without much expectations and it is costlier than the other brands like Ponds and Himalaya so one can give it a skip too. 

One positive thing about this face wash is that it doesn't have SLS / SLES which is a good thing but it really foams a lot so if you are looking for a less foamy face wash, this wouldn't be of much help. Btw, another great thing is that it doesn't leave any film on the skin like some cleansers and face washes. And, I have stayed without applying moisturizer in a humid place for almost two weeks without applying any moisturizer and my face didn't really feel dry or stretchy. 

A very big disadvantage is that it is not travel-friendly. No, I am not talking about the size but the face wash leaks!!! Yeah, I did realize it when I saw that the face wash was coming on to the cap and some of it was oozing outside and then I had to keep it in a plastic cover to save my other things but that's a very big disadvantage for people who travel constantly. Well, this might be just my face wash problem or this might apply to the entire packaging which I am not too sure. 

My Recommendation
You are not missing out something if you pass on this one.

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