Friday, July 22, 2011

Classic Face Pack Remembered {DIY}

Ok, so, I am not sharing anything new today. But, just reminding you all of the classic face pack which costs a zilch and the results are far better than any pricy product and this one has the simplest of the ingredients and is an answer to almost all the skin problems. 

  • Multani Mitti
  • Curd / Yogurt
Mix them both and apply the pack on the face. Wait for it to dry. It might take long time, though but the wait is worth it. So, try this on a day when you can laze around. In the mean time, keep two chilled tea bags with you and apply them to your eyes and relax. After the mask gets dry, wash it off and rinse your face with green tea (warm or cold, anything). 

A really fresh, hydrated and supple skin is revealed. It brightens the complexion in an instant, controls oil production and removes the dead skin cells. Multani mitti is great for oily skin and curd is great for troubled skin. But, this mask doesn't dry the skin at all. But, if you have dry skin, make sure to include honey as a precaution. But, even dry skin people should use clay masks once in a while coz it detoxifies the skin. So, a face pack which answers all the troubles of your skin and this can be done every alternate day by oily, combination and normal skin people and once in a week by dry skin gals (or guys!!!).

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