Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bumps on skin after waxing {Reader's Query}

This was asked by some reader quite a long time back and I had told her quite a few solutions which I don't unfortunately remember. Today, I was just browsing through Tanveer's blog and found out a tip which is followed by her friend. So, I am just quoting what she wrote here:
She used to take this chlorophyll gel with her and massage it in immediately after the wax right at the parlor it self. Then she would come back home and apply a paste of sandalwood made in rose water. That helped reduce her red bumps quite a lot. I Think this might help you, in case it doesn't, I suggest you refer to a dermatologist for some medical advice or change your parlor - may be there are hygiene issues at that place and your skin might be sensitive :) (source)
I hope this would be helpful!! 

PS: I have quoted the material exactly as it is from the source and due credit has been given. All the copyright of the information rests with the original author.

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