Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist {Product Review}

I bought this one at 20% discount recently in May.

Price: 545 INR for 100ml

My Experience
Since this is a body mist, it has 75% Denat Alcohol. I have applied it both on bare skin and on the clothes and even though it has so much concentration of alcohol, I didn't find it drying my skin. Before I review this, I would say that I can't take strong smells. They give me instant headaches. So, when I first used it, I hated the smell coz I found it was too strong for my taste and instantly regretted wasting all that money. But, gradually, I started using it just to finish it and I found that though it is an artificial smell, it does relieve you when you are tired. It has a refreshing smell and one gradually tends to like it. But, a very big con with this one is that it doesn't stay for more than 3-4 hours. One has to either spritz it again or spritz it so strong in one go only that it becomes difficult to handle the smell. But, otherwise, it is worth a try!!!

My Recommendation
Do spritz it in the shop and decide whether you like it or not before buying it. I was in a hurry and chose this just on the basis of its name but I am not regretting it, though. But, yup, it is definitely costly coz I wouldn't say that bottle will last more than a month for one who uses it regularly.

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