Monday, July 25, 2011

Biotique Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimuating Serum {Product Review}

This is one of the few hair range products from Biotique which I absolutely would recommend to anyone especially if they have sensitive scalp or suffer with scalp issues.

Price: 159 INR for 120 ml (little pricy, I guess!!!)

Ingredients - Neem, Licorice Root powder, Long pepper, Safflower, Pudina, Mountain Ebony (in order of listing)
My Experience
Ok, so let me start with its smell. Really weird and very herbal but not very offensive so nothing to worry about. Now, the look and feel. If you read the ingredient list, you can find that the main ingredient of the product is water so yup, it is watery. Entirely watery and not a gel or a fluid or even a slight bit viscous. When you pour the product on to your hand, it runs and escapes almost like water. So, that becomes a problem with the product. Since its so watery, the application is a little difficult so you have to figure out the exact method on how to apply. My favorite way is to use the Wella hair developer which I use to apply hair oil too. That way, you can be sure you have covered every area on your scalp and the product doesn't go waste coz it gets applied on the scalp. And, while applying, you would automatically need to massage the product in otherwise it will run off the scalp. Now, let me talk a little about the product now. 

Biotique says "This intensive serum helps stimulate new and healthy hair growth. Leaves scalp feeling exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation". When you apply it to the scalp, it feels very cool and soothing to the scalp. It is very good for the scalp which is pretty sensitive and itchy. It calms the scalp on the days when your hair is paining or scalp is aching. Well, regarding the hair growth claims, I am not completely sure but I am not even ruling it out coz I have definitely seen some changes but since I am not entirely sure, I will talk about this claim if I see any positive proof of this claim. One more thing which I would add to the positives of this product is that it relives the dryness and oiliness of the scalp. Yes, it can do both. I don't know how it is possible but I think it balances out the oil production. The proof for this is that I have dry scalp sometimes which is easily cured when I apply this. And, once I had applied this after oiling my hair since I didn't wash it that day, my scalp looked almost oil free after a while. 

A word of caution is that this product is only for the scalp and not the hair so it shouldn't be applied on the hair. And, massaging the product in improves blood circulation too. And, after applying this product, do not comb your hair because the scalp is little wet with the product and hairs may break if you try to comb. I always apply this product at night and this can be applied everyday without fail. It doesn't make the scalp greasy or anything so one need not worry about that. This product is suitable for every kind of hair type and scalp type.

My Recommendation
Yes, absolutely coz it is very effective and not that expensive.

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