Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Biotique Carrot Protective Lotion {Product Review}

I have already said that I am a fan of Biotique products but the 'fanhood' is limited to some ranges only. So, I was and have been since a really long time in search of a herbal sun screen which is equally effective and less harmful as compared to its chemical counterparts. I have already used the sandalwood one from Biotique too. So, I'll just review both of them together.

Price: 280 INR for 210 ml

How do 1% and 3% ingredients do their work??
My Experience
I have same thing to say about both the sunscreens. They both are really effective when it comes to protection. But, the main problem arises when you apply. I found them really sticky and in case you are living in a humid climate, these are definitely not for you coz your skin will just feel sticky and damp and oily. But, I have applied this lotion in hills too where I found that the lotion did not feel sticky at all. It got absorbed very easily into the skin and it protected well from the sun which was surely never a question. But, these sunscreens are strictly for the body and not for face. I did make a mistake of using them again and again on face but they just make the face oily but they work well there too. So, if you have really dry skin or staying in really cold climate, you can definitely use this in place of a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Otherwise, I just wish they had not been that sticky and I would have been really glad to use them. 

The one question I always have for Biotique products is that what it the base cream which they use??? Does that come under the listing process of Biotique or they just buy the base material and make their own Ayurvedic formulations on top of the base material because of which they do not have to list down the ingredients of their base material. And, also, how can a product stay for so long as 3 years without any preservatives or does the base material come with preservatives too. I would definitely love an answer for that. But, their products do work (some don't though)!!

My Recommendation
Kinda tricky coz I would love to recommend it as a safer sunscreen but its pretty sticky for most of the skin types. So, in case you are a dry skin type or live in colder climates (only in hill stations and not winters in Delhi), this might work out.

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