Monday, July 4, 2011

Biotique Basil and Red Sandalwood Powder Talc {Product Review}

I am more of a talc girl than the deo gal coz I don't like chemical preparations especially when they have alcohol and such stuff, though, I am equally cautious about what goes into my talc. I don't know the price since I have never bought it. The bottles from the hotels have served me well till today and I always get attracted to Yardley talcs before I go to Biotique just coz of their awesome smells.

Neem 3%, Manijistha 2%, Rakt Chandan 1%, Yashad Bhasma 3.5%, Shankh Bhasm 1%, Peet Chandan Tail 0.5%, Makka 2%, Tulasi Panchang 1.5%, Siliate of Magnesia
Now, Biotique always makes me think how much the ingredients are doing for the skin and etc. going by the percentage of the ingredients put into it. Anyway, some of the products do work really well like Biotique Musk Root Hair Pack (which I have been advising to everyone literally!!) and Biotique Pistachio Face Pack.

My Experience
From the ingredients, you can easily infer that the base of this talc is Silicate of Magnesia and there is no extra fragrance added and since this is a dry product, there is no need for preservatives. Now, coming to the ingredient Silicate of Magnesia (known as talc), it is the softest known mineral which can be easily scratched by a fingernail. Now, in the past decade a lot of cancers have been associated with the use of talc. So, I would like to add that whatever body products you are using, kindly keep them away from your private body parts. There are quite a lot of people who use talcs near their private parts or even on the babies for freshness and avoiding sweat. But, actually, it is very dangerous coz the foreign materials should never be allowed to enter the body. This holds particularly true for women who can succumb to ovarian cancers and vaginal infections if the talc is used near the private parts. So, kindly use better judgement.

Coming to the talc, it has a very slight smell which is pleasant and is not at all felt unless you take it really close to your nose.And, you should not inhale the talc ever.

My Recommendation
Its nothing different from other talcs available in the market. If you are comparing a deo and a talc, I would always go for talc as I find it is less harmful. 

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