Monday, July 18, 2011

Baviphat Paprika Whitening Hand Cream {Product Review}

Baviphat is a very popular brand in Malaysia and Singapore and Korea too. Its a Korean company. So, this was one of the goodies I won in a giveaway I mentioned sometime back. I have no idea about the price or ingredients list coz my pack didn't mention any.

My Experience
I love the small yellow capsicum tub and the smell of this cream is even more awesome though I can't really describe it. I have never used a hand cream before so I am not gonna give a comparison account but I'll say that it is very non-sticky and gets easily absorbed into the skin. I hate the creams which make my hand sticky and almost all do that so I avoid applying any cream and I am used to often washing my hands. Its a phobia with me but since I have started using this cream, my hands are comparatively softer and don't get dried up as they used to. And, this cream also moisturizes my nails and cuticles. So, yup, this one is a great product but unfortunately not available in India. But, they do have a website but its in Korean!!! Check it out here.

My Recommendation
Oh!! yes, definitely!!! And, I guess its a drug store brand so its not outrageously expensive or something.

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