Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aloe vera Hibiscus Hair Pack {DIY}

This is a simple DIY hair pack which is extremely awesome. In many of my previous posts, I have repeatedly talked about aloe vera being so good for hair and also about hibiscus leaves and flowers. So, this hair pack has only these two ingredients.

Ingredients (enough for shoulder length hair):
  • 1 whole aloe vera leaf (preferably thick and fresh)
  • a handful of hibiscus leaves 
  • 5-10 hibiscus flowers (optional)
Method: Extract the aloe pulp from the leaf and grind all the ingredients together. It will form a green gooey paste of a thick consistency. Do not dilute it. Partition hair into sections and apply the paste properly to the scalp first and then the body of your hair. Leave the pack on your hair for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Cover with a shower cap for better results. Wash off with water. It is good to follow with reetha-shikakai instead of using a shampoo, if possible.   

Big disadvantage with the pack is that it is really sticky and difficult to wash off so it needs patience with that. Otherwise, you will find green bits in your hair afterward while combing. They do come out then but it is better to wash them off properly. 

Results: I kept the paste on my hair for an hour or so and washed my hair with reetha. My hair was really soft. In fact it is soft even after two washes after applying the pack and the hair was noticeably shiny. 

The pack is also supposed to help with hair loss and promotes hair growth but I can't vouch for it coz I have used it only once. But, the ingredients are good for all the claims. But, the immediate results are amazing so give this one a try. A great break from the regular smelly hair packs having egg or curd. 

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