Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rice Powder Face Scrub {DIY}

Hey guys!!!
After a lot of days, I am again back with a DIY.

  • Rice flour (1/2 table spoon)
  • Besan (1 table spoon)
  • Milk / Rose Water
Method: Mix them all in a smooth paste and apply on your face. Use rose water if your face is acne-prone otherwise it is safe to use milk. Leave for 15 minutes and then, gently scrub it off. Wash wth warm water.
  • Do not use Rice flour alone as it is very coarse and may harm the skin if exfoliation is overdone.
  • Do not use this recipe if you have a sensitive skin. It will definitely make your skin sour. Tried and Tested. Trust me, it hurts bad.
  • Do not exfoliate with scrubs if you have pimples and acne. 
  • The scrub can be made in more quantity and can be used as a body scrub but keep the proportion same. 
  • Use the finer rice flour, not the coarse one.
  • You can mix it with other scrubs too to make your own DIY recipes but make sure that you use a gentle agent with rice four to reduce its abrasiveness. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Auravedic Reviving Body Cleanser {Product Review}

An extremely gentle cleanser with minimum foam and a very subtle lingering fragrance. I don't know the price since it was not present on the bottle and I was sent the product for review. The website also doesn't give any information on the prices but I am sure it is reasonable. Have a look at the range of their products here.

The snap didn't come very clear so I'll just write the ingredients as listed.
Lemon Peel Extract, Ginger Extract, Almond Oil, Poly Ethylene Glycol, Geranium Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Lemon Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Ethyl Sulphate, Coco Mono Ethyl Aide, Coco Amido Propyl Butane, Disodium Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid, Preservatives, Glycerin, Aqua, D-Panthenol 
So, if we go accoding to the ingredient list, it had quite a huge amount of natural extracts of lemon peels, ginger and aloe vera and good proportion of almond oil and geranium oil for which one should be happy. And, it is quite surprising that the cleanser doesn't foam a lot even though it has SLES. May be its not that excess in quantity. After all, it is listed in the middle. What concerns me most is the term - Preservatives. That's pretty ambiguous and I would have wished it to specify what preservatives were used even if they are parabens.

My Experience
First thing you will notice is its smell. It smells faintly of lime and ginger which is soothing to your senses and slightly uplifting. It foams very little but cleanses very thoroughly. It doesn't leave any film afterward too or make the skin feeling dry or stretchy. Instead, it makes the skin supple and hydrated enough to live without a moisturizer for some hours. I have used it with the Body Shop gloves and even then it didn't foam a lot. It really behaves like a herbal preparation should for which I love the product. I was looking for a product which is gentle enough for the skin especially during summers and this is probably the best one till date I have used. I have been using it since a week or 10 days and I love it.

My Recommendation
Yes, definitely!!! One should give it a try and I am sure you would love it. Though, there is a question of its availability. It has its retail outlets in Mumbai but I am not sure of any other place in India so Mumbaikars can go and explore its wide range of products. 

PS: I would love to make a special mention about the packaging of the entire products they sent me. It was just beautiful and they had put some potpourri petals in the box so when I opened the box, I was greeted with a very pleasant fragrance. The packaging of all its products is simple and utilitarian.

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser {Product Review}

Pink Mass wrapped in the sea weed
My second purchase from Lush and not much of a hope!!!

Price: 643 INR for 110 gms


full of amazing ingredients which is really a good thing - glycerin, calamine powder, Irish moss infusion, aloe vera, sea salt, nori seaweed, sweet orange, patchouli oil, carrageenan and perfume
My Experience
It looks peachy encircled in green and really gross green, actually, but since it is seaweed and Lush, you will forgive everything. So, you require a really less quantity of the cleanser - more like a peanut size. The direction is to make a paste with water and use as a regular cleanser but it is better to take the peanut size and rub it all over your wet face. It dissolves easily that way and many of the reviews suggest the same thing. You can feel the clay. It smells weird but likable once you get used to it so nothing to worry about. And, since it is so costly, I would like to get maximum out of it, so I massage it for 2-3 minutes over the face. It does cleanse the face really well. Does not leave any residue behind and leaves the skin soft. But, it can not even remove a simple kajal so it doesn't remove make up at all. 

I have been using this on and off since February and I have noticed that it used to dry my face during the colder temperatures where as it is just fine now a days. I have a combination skin which is towards dry side. So, keeping that in view, it wouldn't suit people with dry skin (I don't think it is meant for them) and people living in hilly regions. The climate there is too dry so you need something which can hydrate and moisturize your skin. I donno if I have a very strong reason but I can just say that it is fine but nothing great for me certainly nothing special after looking at the price I bought it for. Well, I get better results using besan which costs only pennies. Not that I am abusing Lush or something but my experience with both the products I have used till now (Caca Noir, this one and even Porridge Soap which I haven't yet reviewed) has not been great. So, I think I'll take a little break from Lush and revisit at a later point it for some masks and scrubs which is a better idea.

My Recommendation
Try it in the shop and wait for an hour or two and then decide for yourself if you want it or not. Try it on your face not hands. Don't feel ashamed or anything. You are after all gonna pay a lot for it. You might end up liking it coz it did get rave reviews all over the blogosphere.  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Himalaya Baby Lotion {Product Review}

I did not buy this one but got a smaller bottle for free with the Himalaya baby wipes. I would not review the wipes coz I personally do not like wipes at all. It was an impulse buy thinking that they would be fab but they were just like other wipes. And, anyways, I mistakenly opened the complete packet instead of just removing the top seal and then repacked it but I guess the air was trapped inside and they dried the wipes. So, they are spoiled so I use them as tissue papers now :D Anyways, talking about the baby lotion, I don't know its price since I got it for free.

Well, quite a lot of natural ingredients apart from preservatives.

My Experience
My experience with Himalaya hasn't been very great except for its scrub and fruit face pack so I am quite skeptical about its products. But the baby lotion was nice to use. It has thin consistency and spreads easily. It is a nice lotion for summer usage. Its moisturizing capability is very less (around 3-4 hours) so people with dry skin will probably not be very happy with it. I had to reapply the lotion after sometime. It smells nice and probably would be good for babies coz they do not need as much moisturizing as we do. So, I guess that it does its job. It does make the skin feel supple after it is applied. It will suit oily skin people well instead. It does feel cool when applied which is great in summers.

My Recommendation
It can be given a try by people with oily and normal skin. Dry skin people wouldn't be too happy but if you are looking for a light lotion, this is one among others. And, it is a budget buy too coz Himalaya products aren't that costly.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eye Sight and Retina Detachment {Health}

Hi guys!!!
So, this post is about Retina Detachment. This is something very important for people who suffer from myopic (negative power) eyesight.

Retina Detachment means what the term states - the retina detaches from other layers of the eye and, as you can infer, it can lead to blindness and acute vision problems. This disorder stats at a very early age and takes a considerable time to spread and cause severe problems. Thus, it is very important to get your retina checked regularly for early diagnosis of any such disorder. This disorder starts with little pockets of holes in the retina which can be easily treated by laser treatment. So, go to a retina specialist if you have even an eye sight of -1. The doctor himself said that the holes in the retina can occur for anyone who has eye sight problems whether it is high or negligible.

So, how did I come across this. Well, I was recommended to a retina specialist by my regular eye doc. And, he told me I had three holes in my left eye retina so he did the laser treatment (Laser Photocoagulation) in which the eye vessels are fused or burned or something which I am not entirely clear off coz I really didn't ask the doc what he was doing. Well, this laser does hurt. It is a simple procedure which doesn't take more than 5 minutes for a single hole but when the laser is pointed in the eye, it hurts bad (not really bad but its a completely different feeling which I can't explain). This treatment is different from that of getting rid of the eye sight (in case you are confused among both). But, there are no after-effects yet. I had this procedure two weeks back. That day, I suffered with a bad pain in the eyebrow bone for which I had to take a combiflame when I realized I couldn't handle it (I like to avoid medicines). I was given eye drops course which was necessary to be put in the eyes for 4-5 times a day without fail. Thats it. Nothing else and no problem in vision or anything. But, yup, there is one thing - stay away from sunlight. Even after this long time, my eyes have started to hurt me if stay for more than an hour in strong sunlight. I think eyes will take a little time to get adjusted to the glare. But, nothing to worry about otherwise. 

So, don't forget to talk to your eye doc and ask about retina check up next time. And, yes, it is must that you visit an eye doc every six months or one year if you are under 40 but for people over 40, every six months is a must coz there is a high probability of cataract and glaucoma. 

Name for a Baby Girl {Reader's Query}

Hey all!! So, one of my lovely reader, Punam, has been blessed with a baby girl recently. And, she had asked me for some names for here daughter. So, I request all of you to toss some names for a baby girl. Horoscopically, the name of the baby should begin with a 'cha' or 'tha' in Hindi. But, Punam is looking for any name beginning with 'a' either. Please do share whatever nice names you can think of for her baby :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock {Product Review}

I love this sunscreen to bits and pieces. 

Price: 450 INR for 88 ml (thanks Gautami!!!)


My Experience
This is the best sunscreen I have used till date. I have tried lots and lots of sunscreens and have always hated everyone of them. This is the only one I have been consistent with in usage. It is definitely very expensive so it goes only on my face and neck. Biotique sunscreens are great for my hands and other parts of the body so it works out to be complimentary solution. It doesn't get oily, keeps the face matte and oil free completely. I have stayed with this suncreen for four hours under the sun literally. And, at the end, my face ended up with just a wee-bit of oil which was a combination of oil and sweat. Then, I have used it during my vacations on the beach and in the hills and it gives great protection all round. Since it is spf 50, I leave it for around 4 hours and my skin hasn't tanned a lot (may be a little). Reapplication after 4 hors is obviously necessary. 

The texture is very sheer so if you spread even a little bit of sunscreen on your hands, it feels very creamy. It spreads very easily and gets absorbed easily. If you are applying it in little quantity, it gets absorbed soon but if you apply it in a thick layer, then it takes around 10-15 minutes to get completely absorbed. Now, let me point out one thing. This product is a sunblock not a sunscreen (even though I have used that word). I prefer sunblock to sunscreens coz sunblocks don't get absorbed into the skin. Instead, they stay on the skin and deflect the sun's rays. So, technically, you can apply a sunblock and go into the sun immediately. What I fail to understand is that why should this be, then, applied 15-30 minutes before sun exposure. I would love an asnwer to this question and would ask Neutrogena people to answer it. Another problem with the product is that it stings in the eye so be very careful while applying it in the eye area.

My Recommendation
You should definitely buy it. Sunscreens are very important and spending on a good one is well-worth the cost.

PS: I had intended to point out that this sunblock is not moisturizing at all but it slipped from my mind while writing the review. Thanks to Dhanu that she reminded me. The sunscreen might be moisturizing enough for oily skins but combination, normal and dry skin need a moisturizer before using the sunblock. 

Animasi de Animator

Enggak tau entah kenapa aku bikin judul seperti itu. Mungkin, terpengaruh sama pagelaranku yang berjudul Beat de' Beat. Walah,,, to the point aja langsung deh. Ini adalah file animasiku maksudnya tugasku juga sebagai persyaratan Tugas Semester oleh salah satu bapak idolaku, yaitu Pak Turnip. Gag tanggung-tanggung pak turnip ngasih tugas, ehhhmmm,, capek memang ngerjainya tapi senang kalo udah siap. Oiya, aku upload file ini karena Ikhsan Radiansyah meminta untuk sebagai CONTOH makalah dia tentang Animasi juga.

Mumpung aku lagi berbagi hati, aku akan memberinya dengan cuma-cuma. Ini dia link downloadnya. Oiya, password terjaga dengan rahasia ya! Awas jebakan!

Untuk jadi nama linknya, aku kelompokkan dengan Nominasi Kota :

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wella Kolestint Hair Color - Medium Mahogany Brown {Product Review}

Box got damaged during the transit
Before reading this post, let me tell you that I have written this post in segments (before coloring my hair while doing the strand test and after the coloration) so you might find some tenses a bit confusing. 
Color chart provided on the box though I read somewhere that results of these at-home treatments rarely correspond with that of the given colors
Well, as I had read in some blog, my hair was a virgin till February when I first used Lush Caca Noir. I have been wanting to color my hair since quite a few years but then scare of ammonia and other things had discouraged me and I really don't like to take risks. But, when Wella sent a mail for voluntary applications, I really couldn't resist myself. So, I asked for Medium Mahogany Brown and Burgundy. This time I am using Medium Mahogany Brown. I'll use Burgundy after probably 4-5 months or depending on how long this hair color lasts. I got the package around 20 days back but I had to go out of town so I couldn't give it a try but I have been dying to use it. I came back a few days back and one of the first few things on the list included trying out Wella Kolestint.

Price: 519 INR 

How to use it?
The packaging comes with a very detailed instruction set which clearly tells how to use the product. 
Nourishing Almond Cream for pre-coloration treatment, color creme in the tube and developer in the bottle and the after-color shine treatment as a conditioner afterward and a pair of gloves
So, to make the long story short, you apply the almond cream before coloring the hair. Then, mix the color creme and the developer in equal quantities and apply to the entire hair or the sections you want to. Leave it for 40 minutes on average. Wash off without shampooing. Follow with the conditioner provided.
Instruction Leaflet
The instruction set also comes with the allergy patch test and strand test instructions which must be followed before hand (around 48 hours before coloring the hair). I did not perform the allergy test which is extremely wrong so please do not miss out on this step. It is very important.

My Experience
Now, I have used a block of Lush Caca Noir probably in the ending of April (around 27-30th April). So, I am not very sure how the color would turn up. 
Before Coloring
Now, I have applied the color and washed it off. So, first let me describe the application part. The pre-treatment almond cream smells awesome and is pretty smooth to apply. Now, comes the hard part. After mixing the creme color and creme developer, do not inhale the fumes ever. Strong doses of Ammonia come through so apply the color in a properly ventilated area otherwise you might really die of toxic fumes (I don't think that would happen but I really felt that). It is choking and do have someone else with you while doing this procedure in case of any problem. Asthma people should probably stay away from it. 

Now, the application of the paste is really very easy coz it is pretty smooth and a creamy mixture just like a very creamy conditioner. It glides on smoothly on the hair. The resultant color of the paste for the Medium Mahogany was a hideous orange. So, after applying, I did feel a burning sensation on the scalp for about 5-10 minutes. It was uncomfortable but not intolerable. Now, let me confess again, it is my fault that I did not do the patch test for allergic reactions which is extremely important so do not miss it. I would also like to ask if anyone has tried it and felt the same reaction. Do share. The sensation dissipated after 10-15 minutes. I did think of washing it off but I thought why not see it for 5 minutes more. So, I probably kept the developer on for like an hour or 50 minutes. I did the strand test but there was no change of color so I wasn't even sure if anything would happen. 

After the stipulated time, I washed off the color without using a shampoo. It lathers very well. I used normal water, not hot or cold. I think its best to use normal water or very lukewarm. Beware that strong ammonia fumes would come again (it comes in small doses when you have the color developer on your hair so sit in a well-ventilated area). Do not breathe in them and keep the exhaust fan of your bathroom switched on at this time. That will help to an extent. Wash thoroughly till everything is washed out. Follow with the given conditioner. And, do not forget to wash your body and face after doing this coz color might stick to your body while flowing down. Now, the hair was colored. 
After Coloring without flash - my hair is more shiny
After Coloring with flash (you can see subtle hints of color)
Now, when I saw at first, I thought there is no difference in my hair. But, when I checked it properly, my hair does seem to be mahogany color but it is not as rich as I wanted it to be. My hair does feel smooth and is looking shinier than before. I shall update on its progress after a week and 15 days and a month and also on how long it lasts. Finally, it was a different experience for me except for the part of ammonia fumes which is probably why I think people say yes to ammonia-free hair color. I have never used any other hair color so I cant compare. And, regarding my recommendation, I shall reserve the judgment for two weeks.
In the morning without flash - you can see subtle coloring
In the morning with flash
In the morning without flash- see the change of coloring with the light

Have you ever tried coloring your hair? Pin It

PS : Product sent by brand for consideration.

Most Beautiful Miss Universe: 42nd place – Miss Universe 1959 Akiko Kojima of Japan

Akiko was a 22-year-old model from Tokyo, Japan when she bested four other finalists from Norway, the USA, England, and Brazil for the 1959 Miss Universe crown in Long Beach, California. At 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m), Akiko measured 37–23–38 inches (94–58–96 cm), which many believed as "incredible dimensions". She denied having undergone breast surgery. Akiko settled into a quiet married life after her reign. Forty eight years later another Japanese national, Riyo Mori, won the Miss Universe pageant in 2007.

She is also divorced from the famous Japanese actor Akira Takarada, who rose to fame in the Toho movie studios doing the Godzilla movies since 1954.

Most Beautiful Miss Universe: 41st place – Miss Universe 1991 Lupita Jones of Mexico

Representing the state of Baja California, Jones won the title of Señorita México (Miss Mexico) in September, 1990.

A few months later, on May 17, 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., she and 72 contestants competed for the title of Miss Universe 1991.

Lupita became the clear favorite of the judges, entering the semifinals of the pageant in first place, the only delegate with an average score above 9. During the final telecast, Jones breezed through the competition, winning everything: swimsuit, interview and evening gown. As the indisputable leader, she dominated with her articulate answers the next two rounds of competition (the Top 6 judges' questions and the Top 3 final question), winning it all, the crown, the prizes and the prestigious title for her country.

Jones had studied business administration before Miss Universe and also did post-graduate studies in industrial administration at the Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior in her native city of Mexicali, Baja California.

After finishing her reign in 1992, she founded a company named Promocertamen and, in 1994, created Nuestra Belleza México, the Official Mexican Pageant responsible for choosing Mexico's representatives to Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International.

In 1999, she decided that the contest would support an important program for ill-treated girls in the country through the Integral Family Development project. In 2000, Jones accepted an appointment as UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador[1] and Face to Face Campaign Spokesperson for Mexico.

Lupita Jones and longtime rival Osmel Sousa are now judges for Nuestra Belleza Latina, a beauty pageant created by Hispanic television network Univision that is for beautiful latinas that live in the United States.

After 13 years, she finally produced a winner at one of the 3 most well-known beauty pageants in the planet since 1960: Priscila Perales, Miss International 2007 and another one in 2009 with Anagabriela Espinoza, Miss International 2009. She had yet to produce a winner in the other two: Miss World and Miss Universe, even failing to place more than twice in each pageant during her first decade as director of her country's beauty organization.

Nonetheless, from 2004 to 2008, she sent several successful representatives to the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, all placing consecutively as semifinalists or runners-up. Finally, in 2010, nineteen years after her Miss Universe win, a Mexican woman was crowned as Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete. She is yet to produce a winner in Miss World.

Now she's single and has one son with ex-husband Simón Charaf.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser {Product Review}

I have been absent for quite a lot of days so no new updates. The reason was a week long vacation. So, I am back with my first review which was quite a saver for me when I was so tired with all the jumping and jacking in the morning.

Price: 12.75 POUNDS for 100 ml (I got a 30ml sample size)

Claims to be completely natural. Since mine is a smaller sample size, the list of ingredients is not provided. The active ingredients are listed as below.

My Experience
Ok, so first, I had thought it to be a simple foaming cleanser so when I used it for the first time, I got a little  confused as to why it wasn't foaming. I hadn't read the instructions. And, also, I had left the muslin cloths back home so was without them during my vacation. I do not apply makeup but I did use sunscreen pretty generously so had to remove all that gunk from my face before sleeping. Thats where this cleanser became my best friend. It is pretty simple and hassle-free to use. Massage with this cleanser and wipe off with the muslin cloth provided along with it. Since I did not have the muslin cloth, I used hand towels and tissue papers and cotton pads and everything else. Two things I would specify is that I found it to be more effective and easy to use when the face is wet as opposed to the instructions which say to massage on the dry face and this cleanser should always be removed with a hot wash cloth as instructed. Cold wash cloth leaves a lot of grime behind. Once you follow these instructions properly, your face is squeaky clean and you wouldn't even need to follow it with a face wash. 

Its creamy in texture and white in color. For me the smell is nothing particular and I am used to eucalyptus oil so I quite like it. Its creamy texture might make people with oily skin skeptical to use it. But, I think it should suit them too coz its not very heavy I have combination and it controlled my T-Zone perfectly. It did make my skin dry at a temperature of 10-20 degrees in the hills but it works fabulously without drying the skin in the plains. So, thats again not an issue, though, you should follow up with a moisturizer (I skip that in summers which is a very bad habit!!). Extremely travel-friendly (even the muslin cloths). The only problem is keeping the muslin cloths clean and bacteria-free. Otherwise, I found it to be an amazing product.

My Recommendation
Yes. But, it is a little heavy (ohk, not little but very heavy) on the pocket so that might be a deal breaker.

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

7 Kebiasaan Bikin Cepat Pikun

Jika di usia muda Anda sudah sering lupa, menurut Dr. Peter Rendell dari University of New South Wales, Sidney, Australia, kemungkinan besar Anda akan lebih cepat alami kepikunan.
Perlu Anda tahu, ternyata ada beberapa kebiasaan yang bisa membuat daya kerja otak menurun. Akibatnya, memori makin buruk dan daya tangkap pun lemah. Maka itu, hindari 7 kebiasaan yang bisa bikin cepat pikun berikut ini:

1. Makan Terlalu Banyak
Terlalu banyak makan, apalagi yang kadar lemaknya tinggi, dapat berakibat mengerasnya pembuluh darah otak karena penimbunan lemak pada dinding dalam pembuluh darah. Akibatnya kemampuan kerja otak akan menurun.

2. Merokok
Zat dalam rokok yang terhisap akan mengakibatkan penyusutan otak secara cepat, serta dapat mengakibatkan penyakit Alzheimer.
3. Mengkonsumsi gula terlalu banyak
Konsumsi gula yang terlalu banyak akan menyebabkan terganggunya penyerapan protein dan nutrisi, sehingga terjadi ketidakseimbangan gizi yang akan mengganggu perkembangan otak.

4. Kurang Tidur
Otak memerlukan tidur sebagai saat beristirahat dan memulihkan kemampuannya. Kekurangan tidur dalam jangka waktu lama akan mempercepat kerusakan sel-sel otak.

5. Kurang menstimulasi pikiran
Berpikir adalah cara paling tepat untuk melatih otak kita. Kurangnya stimulasi pada otak dapat menyebabkan mengkerutnya otak kita.

6. Jarang berkomunikasi
Komunikasi diperlukan sebagai salah satu sarana memacu kemampuan kerja otak. Berkomunikasi secara intelektual dapat memicu efisiensi otak. Jarangnya berkomunikasi akan menyebabkan kemampuan intelektual otak jadi kurang terlatih.

7. Memikirkan banyak hal saat sakit
Bekerja terlalu keras atau memaksakan untuk menggunakan pikiran saat sedang sakit dapat menyebabkan berkurangnya efektivitas otak serta dapat merusak otak.

7 Binatang yg Hidup Ratusan Tahun

1. Geoducks
Pertama pada daftar adalah kerang laut besar yang berasal dari Puget Sound dan telah hidup selama setidaknya 160 tahun. Mereka dicirikan oleh panjang leher mereka atau sifon, yang panjang nya dapat mencapai lebih dari satu meter .

2. Tuataras
Kata "dinosaurus" umumnya digunakan untuk menggambarkan binatang tua, tetapi ketika mengacu pada Tuatara, istilah ini benar adanya seperti itu adalah metafora. Spesies Tuatara merupakan satu-satunya anggota hidup dari sekitar 200 juta tahun yang lalu dimana dinosaurus hidup. Mereka juga berada di antara vertebrata yang paling lama tinggal di Bumi, dengan beberapa orang yang tinggal selama bertahun-tahun di mana saja antara 100 dan 200.

3. Lamellibrachia Tube Worms
Mahluk laut warna-warni ini adalah tubeworms (L. luymesi) yang tinggal di sepanjang ventilasi dari hidrokarbon di dasar laut. Mereka telah dikenal untuk hidup 170 tahun, tetapi banyak ilmuwan yakin mungkin ada beberapa yang telah tinggal selama lebih dari 250 tahun.

4. Red Sea Urchins
Landak laut merah, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus dan hanya ditemukan di Pasifik, terutama di sepanjang pantai barat Amerika Utara. Tinggal di air dangkal, kadang berbatu, dari garis air surut sampai sembilan puluh kaki, tetapi tetap berada di luar daerah sangat bergelombang. Merangkak di sepanjang dasar laut menggunakan duri mereka sebagai panggung. Beberapa spesimen lebih dari 200 tahun.

5. Koi
Koi adalah ikan hias. Mereka yang umum terdapat di kolam batu buatan dan kolam hias. Anehnya, beberapa varietas mampu hidup lebih dari 200 tahun. Paling awal dikenal adalah Hanako koi, ikan yang meninggal pada usia 226 pada tanggal 7 Juli 1977.

6. Tortoises
Kura-kura dianggap sebagai vertebrata dengan jangka hidup terpanjang di bumi. Salah satu yang tertua adalah Harriet, seorang kura Galapagos, yang meninggal karena gagal jantung pada usia 175 tahun pada bulan Juni 2006 di kebun binatang milik Steve Irwin. Harriet dianggap sebagai salah satu dari yg terakhir dari epik perjalanan hidup Darwin di HMS Beagle. Sebuah kura-kura raksasa Aldabra bernama Adwaita meninggal pada usia 250 pada Maret 2006.

7. Ocean Quahog
Ocean quahog (Arctica islandica) adalah spesies kerang yang dimanfaatkan secara komersial. Para peneliti telah ditafsirkan lingkaran konsentris gelap atau band pada kulit sebagai tanda tahunan, seperti sebuah pohon memiliki cincin. Beberapa spesimen dikumpulkan telah diperkirakan bahwa lebih dari 400 tahun.

Friday, May 20, 2011

8 Planet Terunik di Jagat Raya

Alam semesta terdiri dari bintang dan planet yang tak terhingga jumlahnya. Sebagian berukuran lebih kecil dari planet kita, namun yang jumlahnya lebih besar, jauh lebih banyak. Sifat dan massa planet-planet yang tersebar di seluruh jagat raya juga berbeda-beda. Berikut ini beberapa planet yang paling aneh dan unik yang telah ditemukan astronom.

1.Planet WASP-12b

Planet WASP-12b adalah planet paling panas yang pernah ditemukan. Suhu permukaannya mencapai 3.200 derajat Celcius. Letaknya 870 tahun cahaya dari bumi. Foto: ESA/NASA

2.Planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390L b
Planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390L b adalah planet yang terdingin dan terjauh jaraknya dari bumi, sekitar 28 ribu tahun cahaya. Foto: ESO

3.Planet Dubbed TrES-4

Planet Dubbed TrES-4 merupakan planet terbesar yang diketahui hingga saat ini. Ukurannya 1.7 x planet Jupiter. Jaraknya dari bumi sekitar 1400 tahun cahaya. Foto: Jeffrey Hall, Lowell Observatory

4. Planet Kepler-10b

Planet Kepler-10b, hingga saat ini di ketahui sebagai planet terkecil di luar sistem tata surya. Planet kerdil ini ditemukan pada Januari 2011. Foto: NASA

5. Planet Epsilon Eridani b

Planet Epsilon Eridani b jaraknya sangat dekat dengan bumi, hanya sekitar 10.5 tahun cahaya. Sedemikian dekatnya hingga kita bisa mengamatinya dengan teleskop. Foto: NASA, ESA, G.F. Benedict

6. Planet SWEEPS-10

Planet SWEEPS-10 memiliki kecepatan orbit tercepat. Waktu yang dibutuhkan planet ini untuk sekali mengelilingi bintangnya hanya sekitar 10 jam. Foto: NASA, ESA, A. Schaller (for STScI)

7. Planet GJ 1214b

Astronom memperkirakan seluruh permukaan Planet GJ 1214b tertutup oleh air. Planet yang besarnya 3 kali ukuran bumi ini terletak sekitar 40 tahun cahaya dari bumi. Foto: David A. Aguilar, CFA

8.Planet Paltry
Planet Paltry memiliki 3 matahari. Jaraknya dari bumi sekitar 149 tahun cahaya.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skin Firming Mask {DIY}

Again a recipe including the rose milk I made couple of days back.

  • Besan / Gram flour
  • Rose Milk
Method: Mix the requisite amount of besan and rose milk and form a nice scrubby mixture. Apply a thick layer on the face and neck and let it dry. It will take around 15-20 minutes to dry completely so relax in the meantime. The mixture dries into a very hard mask and makes the skin feel extremely tight. Now, remove the besan by wetting it a little and gently scrubbing it on the skin. You would see an instant difference in the firmness of the skin. And, it might leave a pinkish glow on the face too :)    

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cleanse your face with Rose Milk {DIY}

I had posted about the DIY rose milk I made couple of days back. I used it to cleanse my face at night with it without using any cleanser. Since the texture of the milk is scrubby but not spiky so it is perfect for a 2-in-1 cleansing at night. The cleansing action of the rose milk is due to the lactic acid present in milk so I am not sure how well the rose milk made from water would cleanse the skin. 

Take a little of the rose milk in your hand and rub it on your face just like a cleanser. Massage the face very gently. The soft rose petals do not exfoliate the skin as such such but they feel nice against the skin and make the skin super soft. It can be drying for some too so following with a moisturizer is very important. But, it cleanses the face really well. 

I do not wear makeup and I wasn't even wearing kajal so I am not sure how well it will remove the makeup though it can be used in conjunction with the makeup remover. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Body Shop Bath Gloves {Accessory Review}

They are so famous among the blogosphere. So, I had to try them.

Price: 225 INR for a pair (I got at 15% discount!!)

My Experience
First of all, the biggest point of these gloves are that they are so easy to put on even when your hands are wet. I have extremely small hands and generally no size fits me. I have to wear kid gloves. These gloves are elastic fit and free size so one fits all. And, not only that, I have never been in my entire life able to wear gloves properly without taking them off at least once. But, this one is so easy to put on and I have never gone wrong with them till now. I have used these gloves like probably four-five times. In the starting, the gloves might feel a bit rough but they soften up in the consequent uses but it is very necessary to use the gloves with a light hand otherwise it can cause the skin to become sore due to over-exfoliation. It is very easy to go overboard with the gloves.

They make the soap or face wash or body wash lather well (I do use face wash as body wash too sometimes!!). And, they clean the skin really well. Squeaky clean. I guess they will remove the film which some products tend to leave but since I use no such product, I have no idea. Also, the gloves don't entirely dry out the skin leaving it to feel stretchy or something. They are not that costly especially for a TBS product but they should be washed after every usage coz they get really dirty!!! I toss them into surf after every use (which I am really not sure is a great idea so next time I'll see what to do). And, yes, the gloves leave the skin feeling extremely soft and supple and hydrated after the bath. That's the reason why your skin doesn't feel stretchy. But, I have no idea how long a pair would last!! Some change it in a year and some in six months so it depends mainly on how much you use them. Oh, and you can see the loops which are for hanging the gloves. And, it really makes the skin glow.

I tried to use this on the face but it made my face really dry afterwards. I used only a single finger very lightly for scrubbing the face so it wasn't very harsh on the face. But, it is best to avoid it on the face and neck as they are sensitive regions and can get sore very quickly. The best part is that they are very portable and handy during travel.

My Recommendation
It is great for all kinds of skin but I am not very sure if it is a good idea for sensitive skin. So, sensitive skin gals should watch out!!! Otherwise, it is a must try at least once :) and I am sure, you wouldn't leave them ever. They can be used with exfoliators too but I guess that would be too harsh (I am not sure, though) but for me, it replaces the body scrubs. I don't belive in over-doing things so if I am using this, I wouldn't use anything else and if I use the body scrubs, I wouldn't dream of using this.  
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