Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wear a scarf - Summer Hair Care

The summer sun is brilliantly hot and dehydrating for the hair as well as the skin. So, while you hydrate your skin by drinking water and eating hydrating foods, wear a scarf around your head whenever you step out to avoid the sun's rays and pollution. As the sun's rays can dehydrate and parch the skin, they can do the same to the hair leaving them rough and straw like. So, if you are already suffering from a rough and parched hair, try tomato on hair. And, don't forget to get a scarf for the next time you go out.

Now, generally, silk scarves or satin scarves are recommended for hair as they prevent static and keeps the hair hydrated as opposed to cotton which sucks the moisture out of the hair. As much as this is true, I beg to differ from this at least for summers. Using cotton scarves help with the air circulation in the hair which is extremely important otherwise the sweat clogs the hair follicles. Also, for people who like to tie the scarf completely on their faces, cotton scarves are much easier to handle and allow the skin to breathe through it where as silk or satin scarves simply choke and suffocate the nose. Of course, we all know that cotton allows breathing and air ventilation thats why it is preferred in summers. Also, if you use silk scarves, it can result in blocked pores and cause breakouts. So, wear cotton scarves. And, don't forget to moisturize your hair everyday with a hydrating serum or simply use aloevera gel straight from the plant.

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