Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prevent Sunstroke with Onions and Lemon

I don't know how many of the people are aware of this age old remedy but it is quite popular. Onions are a great remedy to increase the resistance to sunstrokes internally. Yes, I know, you can't just keep on eating onions but try to eat as much as possible especially at night. And, yes, they hydrate the body also because of their high water content. So, chop up more onions :)

Another remedy is drinking a lot of lemon juice (exclude the sugar to avoid calories and salt to avoid puffiness). Yeah, it is damn bitter in taste but once you get used to it, it goes down easily. Oh, and you can use honey too.

And, here comes my favorite. This is for people who like their food a little tangy. Whenever you are eating onions, squeeze a lot of lemon juice on them. You can add a little bit salt or better yet, avoid salt altogether. Add some green chilli (don't go overboard; it will burn your stomach all day). Enjoy your meal with this twist. And, the main advantage of doing this is that lemon juice reduces the edgy taste of the onion and makes your breath smell less of onions.

Onion and green chillies make you sweat a lot so you can decide when to eat and when to skip. But, onions are abundant in sulphur which promotes hair growth and green chillies have a lot of vitamin C so don't skip them completely. Btw, don't forget to load up on tomatoes and spinach as they act as natural sunscreen from the inside.

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